Friday, 31 January 2014

January Blues

January seems to have simultaneously gone on for ever yet also gone in a flash. It doesn't seem four weeks since the New Year, and I have done very little. On the other hand I had an entanglement with a plate of oysters some three weeks ago and it seems to have taken me ages to recover. And, what I really can't understand - I lost over half a stone yet at a routine doctor's appointment he tells me I am heavier than I have been since last July. How come? The upshot is I don't think my husband will be making any more romantic oyster and champagne gestures for a while.  It is his birthday today and there is not an oyster in sight. Can't say the same about the alcohol though.

So, absolutely no sewing done at all, nothing for Le Challenge, nothing for Bee Blessed and nothing on my list of finishes, nor the quilt for my aunt, nor the quilt for my nephew. I did however order all the gubbins, but not yet the pattern nor the fabric for the Littlest Thistle bag make a long. Behind with that already now and will be playing catch up. But, I ordered some lovely Kaffe Fassett to make a lap quilt for a favourite cousin who is unwell. I wish her a really speedy recovery, she could well be recovered by the time this fabric comes out of the envelope.

I did however do lots and lots of knitting and watching Housewives of Orange County, Father Brown Mysteries and more Poirots than I could shake a stick at. Love them all, but love Poirot best of all. I knitted 4 baby cardigans in various sizes and styles for yet another friend who has just had a grandchild on the other side of the world. Is the world really getting smaller? That is three friends who have had a grandchild in either Australia or New Zealand in the last few months. We met the lovely Karen and Malcolm in the summer on our whistle stop tour of New Zealand and spent a great evening with them. At some stage I promised Karen that knitting was like riding a bike, of course I could still knit and would love to knit the bump some jumpers. Well, I can knit and love knitting but hate sewing up. This little octopus  needs disentangled and posted to New Zealand, prompt, it would be nice for them to arrive whilst they still fit the baby, and whilst my friend is still visiting her daughter. My sister is coming up on Sunday, my niece and I are going to make a sock monkey. My sister likes to knit and doesn't mind sewing up - get my drift? She jokes that knitting was her thing until I started knitting again. And now I am busy knitting complicated things like socks and gloves and stealing her thunder. I really think she will love the opportunity to show me up here.

knits for Kayla

I thought I would include a quilt from the past that is one of my favourites. Amy, my daughter's best friend is modelling her quilt for me. Amy and Hazel my daughter met on the first day at grammar school in September 2000 and have been besties ever since. When they were both heading off to university, both in England, or as we call it "the Mainland", but different parts of England, I made them both the same quilt to jolly up their rooms, keep them warm, and keep the bond of friendship. Not much to do with the quilts but they are still besties. Anyhow, I wanted to use the  the original quilt photos and new one and  Amy very kindly emailed her photo.

Amy and her quilt
 I will have to search out the old photos and see how young the girls looked five years ago compared to now, but our big computer isn't very co operative at the minute and is in some sort of mad rebooting cycle. Hazel's quilt is the one on the bed. (sorry about the glimpse of the carrier bag)

Hazel's quilt
They are Puss in the Corner block  from Patchwork and Quilting magazine, a combination of moda marbles and plain fabrics, whatever I had to be honest. And you know what? They still look good and bright and modern and I love them. The girls and the quilts. (This is the same Amy that modelled socks in one of my early posts, Hazel is still waiting for her socks.)

All I have to say now is thank goodness January is over. Yesterday I got my car serviced and the car which passed its MOT in December now has brakes that needed  replaced (how come?) and cost me an eye watering £906.38 for servicing and brakes.  I was too gob smacked to ask for the £6.38 to be waived. But I did have 2 coffees, a sandwich, a scone and a bun whilst I was waiting. How astute am I? I am going to London in February and want to go to Sheukat to buy some Liberty, that £6.38 would go a long way!

One last thing, I am going to a scrapbooking day tomorrow and really looking forward to it. The snow is coming. For us to say "snow is coming" is like Sean Bean to say "winter is coming" in Game of Thrones.
I hope the BBC are mistaken.

All the best


  1. Amy's quilt looks so colourful.......what a lovely idea to make the two quilts the same. Don't forget to take photos of the cardis when they are sewn up......they look great. I agree thank goodness January is over!

  2. They're not's now snowing! :(
    Goodness think of the Liberty you could have bought with £906.38!!!!!!
    Beautiful quilts.....enjoy your scrapbooking!
    V xxx

  3. I want to see sock monkey when he is alive. The two quilts are lovely. That was a wonderful thing to do for the two girls. I need to make BETH a quilt because I have gone off the one I made her and think I will give it to the mother in law for Christmas instead. Xx


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