Friday, 3 January 2014

Its a little bit windy

Well goodbye to 2013 and a big HELLO to 2014, which is rushing in like a lion. This time last year we had extreme snow, don't even start me on that, and this year we have extreme wind. And not just from the sprouts. Unbelievable the NI police gave a press conference on the news last night about today's weather. Now, in N Ireland police press conferences on the news are I am sorry to say 10 a penny, but not generally about the encroaching weather. Apparently we are to have life threatening winds today and life threatening floods along coastal areas. People in certain roads are being advised to have a case packed and be ready to leave. Now I am not for one moment doubting the police or making little of the advice, but this is just a tad unusual for our wee country. Yes from time to time there is localised flooding and it is terrible for those concerned, but never like this. Luckily where we live is near the coast but is high up so flood wise will be ok, it will however put paid to the day the daughter and I were going to spend driving along the coastal roads with our cameras! Might have got some interesting photos though. Instead a day of crafting and watching dvds sounds much more inviting, and of course by the time we go to watch Ulster slaughter Munster in the rugby it will be a lovely evening.

Right, finished with the weather report, on to the 2013 blog round up which seems to be the order of the day. I only began blogging in August, I start just as others seem to be leaving, typical me. I have really enjoyed it, the discipline of finishing what I begin, so I can post it. The interaction with other bloggers, I have loved reading other's blogs, loved them reading mine, loved the little flurry of emails which follows. I am enjoying making virtual friends, if that is not too strong a phrase. And, I love to write, and this writing has a point to it
At this stage no mosaic, far too hard to do that but I had to put in one photo, so here's my hubby and myself in our Christmas jumpers.

Well now on to the tally list of the year
I made
5 small quilts for children or baby gifts
6 cushions in total
numerous mug rugs
1 and 3/4 pairs of knitted socks
some blocks for bee blessed
some knitted squares for a local knitting group I drop in and out of
completed 3 months of Le Challenge
took part in 2 swaps, made a Christmas table runner

I didn't finish
my falling maples leaves quilt, the whole point of starting sewing again
the Ulster Rugby quilt for my nephew
the toe (right foot) of my knitted green socks
the nz trip socks for hubby
the aran scarf for my daughter (doesn't count as I haven't bought the wool)
the sea side knitted blanket, pattern from Loop Knits in Philadelphia

I have committed myself (over the holidays) to
making an aran style baby cardigan (nearly finished or rather well started)
a pink cable baby cardigan
a Tigger baby quilt
a Debbie Mumm fabric quilt for an aged aunt
a nice bright lap quilt for a cousin

Well, that is enough to be going on with, I didn't even cut out the hexies to use with my Liberty fabric, but I did spend some really nice time with my family who were/are all home for the holidays and I did get some super presents, some craft related.

I will leave you with this one further thing I have learnt since beginning blogging, I have literally not knitted since 1993. In 2012 I knitted my daughter 2 hats, one pair of gloves and taught her to knit
over Skype, not the easiest thing to do as you can imagine. All of a sudden I have a hamper full of wool, needles, patterns, and 4 knitted projects on the go, how the ..... did that happen?

Keep warm



  1. What a great photo of you and him in your Christmas jumpers. You have been most productive in 2013.......looking forward to reading more of your 2014 posts
    As for the weather........I think Ill leave it there!!!

  2. That's quite a list of completions...well done Helen!
    Re the yarn, that's how it happens, next you'll be hiding it everywhere, then.....therapy! ;)
    Happy New Year!
    V x

  3. You are on a roll. Blogging is a wonderful way of focusing your crafting, meeting like minded people, and finding reasons to add to stashes for all those projects that bubble away in our imaginations. Glad you joined in.

  4. Good evening, Love, love, love your family photo quilt. I can see why that is what you would grab in a fire. I love that you make so many wonderful projects . . . there is so much inspiration here. Great blog. I am a late bloomer to quilting just started a few months ago and I am loving every minute of it. So much that I re-cycled my husband’s old saw horses and made myself a quilting frame, LOL. He never used them anyway :) I've been retired for three years and I am enjoying the extra time I have to devote to family and hobbies, especially blogging . . . I have made so many lovely friends here.
    Please come over and help me celebrate my second year blogging anniversary :)
    I'm trying to follow your blog, but it is not letting me, I'll keep trying.
    Your new blogging sister, Connie :)

  5. I'm still trying to follow . . . I cannot figure out what is wrong. Thanks for the email, it is great to get a chance to know you better. You meet the nicest people in Blog-land :) Connie


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