Wednesday, 15 January 2014

FAL 2014

I hesitate to blog with another list of finished/unfinished projects so close to the round up of  December 2013 and my plans for 2014, but if I am to join Katy's 2014 FAL then another listy blog it is. I watched people join in this last year and thought come 2014 I can do this, so here goes.

1  The Stand Up for the Ulster Men quilt which was supposed to be for my nephew's Christmas present, last Christmas. Definitely needs done, fabric is picked and thread bought but as yet not actually started. It will be a disappearing 4 patch. Hope it disappears off this list quite quickly.

2  My Falling Maples quilt began in 1998, that's right folks, 1998. Every few months it comes out for me to have a look at it. I am actually glad it is not finished, justify justify myself. It had started to seem rather traditional and I couldn't bring myself to finish but I will modernise it and get it done. Alan's birthday the end of January? Not a hope! St Valentine's day? Maybe, maybe.

3  The striped blue blanket I started knitting last March. No idea why, seemed a good idea at the time.
blue striped beach blanket, pattern  from Loop Knits, Philadelphia

5 The socks I started knitting last August, only half a foot to finish

why didn't I take a photo when I had nail polish on?
and are those really my cankles? when did that happen?
 I am hopeful of finishing,  The socks are so near yet so far. The rugby quilt, again, shame and guilt will do it. The others, who knows, maybe maybe not. The thing that amazes me here is, I made a conscious decision to take up quilting again, where the hell did all these knitting projects spring from?

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  1. All lovely projects.....maybe you could sew during the day and knit at night in front of the tv. I know what you mean as I have quite a few UFO myself!

  2. Hope my dad doesn't catch sight of #1 in any of the linkys or he may mug you for it ;o)

    Good luck!

  3. I like the maple leaves, you could easily modernise it. I'm about to write my list.... And I saw your reminded me I started some 2 years ago and only have 1 finished :o(

  4. I often have lots of projects on the go Helenjean and these days I do return to them when I'm in the mood (but there can be long intervals in between!)...If I left things a few years ago they would probably never get finished so things have improved! ..I have to resist adding to my list though with all the lovely projects I see in Blogland....your many projects are all looking lovely!
    Hope you're having a great week,
    Susan x

  5. Good Morning Helen, believe it or not I have a quilt that I pieced back when my daughter was a little girl, about thirty years ago. I have it on my list to find a backing fabric and get it quilted this year. I think it is about time, don't you, LOL. I adore the photo of your unfinished socks, it's great to see your humorous side. People have said that I have monkey toes, whatever that is . . .so I probably wouldn't be brave enough for that photo, although it doesn't prevent me from wearing sandals in the summer :)
    Keep Smiling.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)


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