Wednesday, 11 December 2013

I am now officially old

Am I now officially old? Today is my youngest child's 23 birthday and she commented this morning that for the first time ever she felt old. I think maybe she meant grown up, and very grown up she looked too going off to work in her black dress, red heels and make up. But where does that leave me? I used to look at people who had grown up children and they seemed really old, but I don't feel really old but I must be. It really is a state of mind, isn't it. Enough philosophy for 8 in the morning.

She was pleased with her birthday presents, her dad had bought her an Ulster rugby shirt (I am way toooo old to wear one of those) and I had made her a cushion from bicycle (this is one word I cannot spell, it always looks wrong even when it is right. Generally if I have a spelling mistake in this blog, it is not a spelling mistake but a typo). She did jokingly ask were we getting divorced with 2 so different presents, we're not, just this year she got 2 presents. Maybe would be more of a shock if her dad made the cushion and I bought the rugby jersey - the rugby jersey was wrapped in Andy Warhol wrapping paper bought in the Mac a few months ago, and has now been carefully folded for re use.

I was rather pleased with the cushion, just a plain envelope cushion but I got the bike fairly centred on the front, the top seam had the wheels on both front and back, nicely interweaving. The bikes on the two envelope sections nicely paired up and stitched partway along the envelope to keep it neat. And then the downfall, I made a 14 in cushion (a small cushion had been requested) but the smallest filler I could find with a synthetic stuffing was 18 in, so rather over stuffed and bulging at the back. After Christmas I will destuff the cushion.
daughter's bicycle cushion

The other big finish of this week is my quilted table runner for the Modern Irish Quilters swap. My effort is winging its way through Ireland to my secret swap partner. And you know what, we were to stalk our partners to see their tastes in design and colour etc. And, by complete coincidence, I really can't claim any great insight, the runner AND tree decoration I made for my partner are nearly identical to the runner and tree decoration she made for her partner. ~Right down to I forgot the tree trunk on my patchwork tree decoration and so did she!!! Spooky or what. Hope she likes it.

"posed" photo of table runner

This has been my first sewn swap, I recently took part in a charm swap. It has been great fun, stressful at times but great fun. There have been a lot of swear words at times in this house. I hope Santa's helpers haven't been listening as I have sworn and sewed away whilst watching Homes Under the Hammer. It has been fun seeing other's photos of wip and reading and leaving comments, and having nice comments left on mine. And, we all like a bit of praise from time to time, especially when husbands say, what are you showing me that for?

closer view
rear view, name blocked out with Tesco crockery stamps!

Of course as soon as I receive my swap I will let you see it. And I can tell you, I will be delighted to get any of the runners, these ladies are so uber talented you would not believe it.

The Tesco crockery stamps really add to it, don't they.

Next post I will show you how a rugby quilt miraculously turns into a t shirt for Christmas morning, and hopefully my entry to December's Le Challenge.

bye bye


  1. I love your runner! Re being old (and these days old is probably about 90) what I love about blogging is that no-one knows your age, and all anyone can go on is what you do, and what you're enthusiastic about. Age is kind of irrelevant - it's great!

  2. I'm so glad someone found a use for Tesco crockery stamps!! ;)
    Your runner looks great and I'm sure will be loved.
    Happy birthday to you daughter, wish I was as old as 23!!!! As for grown-up, well I'm waiting to do that! :) Gorgeous cushion!
    V xxx

  3. Love that bicycle fabric! And your partner should be thrilled with the runner and ornament. You did a great job.


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