Thursday, 21 November 2013

some finished, some started, some bought and some won

Hello everybody,
In theory after a lovely weekend away and recovering from my chest infection, this should be a week of relaxation. Unfortunately I have never learnt the mantra from my "artistic director" - finish one project before you start another. In fact that was originally going to be my blog title, but I thought I may have had a lot of visitors from Finland!

First the weekend in Dublin, we had a great time, travelled by train and met some old friends en route. We spent the journey with them and met up again later for a drink. Rosie had her knitting and I my Santa mug rugs to embroider so busy hands as well as lots of chat. Apart from the disappointing result (beaten by Australia) it was a great weekend. 

The  spoilt us as always and we had a lovely chat with this chap in the garden. 
I told him what a misery he had made my A Level English with his Portrait of the Artist as a Young
 Man but unfortunately James didn't have much to say for himself.

James Joyce and  myself

We then met the lovely Oscar Wilde in the park, he didn't say much either but then if you are the great
late Oscar, you probably don't need tosay much. Just to lounge is enough.

Oscar, need I say more?

This next photo is cheating, every visit to Dublin we go to for a glass of wine and
a nibble. This is last year's photo, but it was the same month, November, the same reason, the rugby,
the same jumper and scarf, the same hairstyle, the same husband who was taking the photo, except this 
time no oysters. And our friends were with us, too much chat for a photo this year!

last year's out of focus photo

And now to the quilting, with having been ill for a few days, there was lots of sewing done. The little blue quilt for the Australian baby is ready head off across the sea. I am really pleased with how it turned out. I will
do that d4p again, I love the effect of the geometrics.
the quilt for Australia
the back, not much too see here!

sktating penguins

I also finished the skating penguins. This was very quickly sewn up, just strips of penguins alternated with a light lemon and a more vibrant yellow for backing/binding. I quilted it to look like skating trails. Hopefully 
this will find a new home at the craft fair my sister and daughter are doing in early December.  I have also made 3 cushions (one left to complete) and am making a few mug rugs for Santa. Time is of the essence here!
I know this is the same photo as last post, but here it is again anyway.

one of 4 cushions, used in Le Challenge for November

I also did a little shopping, both physical and virtual over the last week. I have signed up to take part in my first ever swaps. A low volume charm swap Rachel from is very bravely organised. I have 2 spots and chose from the Cotton Patch a Tula Pink Acacia, Salt Water and Seaweed.
I also bought myself a Salt Water charm pack. And, from the Village Haberdashery I ordered some Pearl Bracelets in silver. It is a deeper silver than it looked on screen, but I think (hope) it should be ok.

The other swap I am taking part in is the Modern Irish Quilt Guild online Christmas runner swap. This is 
literally scaring the pants off me. I have my partner, I have my fabric, I know what I want to do, I just have to start it. Everyone else seems to be a much more competent sewer than me!!! I am sure it will be fine on the day, I just need to make a start. For this I bought some Christmas Nancy somebody fabric from Makower. The name isn't on my bits of selvedge in my FQs. I also bought 1/2 meter of glasses fabric (wearing not drinking) for a secret something, which at this rate will be after Christmas.

Christmas runner swap and book for inspiration

Oh, and I did my 2 squares for Bee Blessed. With these, I am happy with the colours (last month my log
cabins were too scrappy and disjointed I felt). But....I can match some of the points some of the time,
but not match all of the points all of the time. Hope they will do ok anyway.

I still haven't shown a peek of my Liberty fat quarters. That will be for next month. And by coincidence 
I got in the post a £10 loyalty voucher for Liberty valid until next March!!!!Wahey!!!

And, I almost forgot to say, I won $20 of fabric from the lovely Lark Cottons, but I will tell you more about 
that next time. I think I may oopsed in my order! I see yardage is set in yards and not FQs  and I think I may have ordered a whole yard of gnomes. So............
winging its way across the Atlantic a whole metre of gnomes instead of the FQ I meant! A gnomey quilt

All the best from
my family of Gnomes and 


  1. Glad you had a good time in Dublin despite the result and you did rub shoulders with some famous men! :)
    Sounds like you're going to be very busy and don't think you are any less of a sewer than the rest...they are all probably thinking the same thing!
    That 's a lot of gnomes!! ;)
    V x

  2. sounds as if you had a great break in Dublin. I really love that wee blue is stunning. Sounds like you are going to be very busy sewing in the next few weeks.

  3. You are a very busy sewer, the baby boy teddy bear quilt is really lovely. Good luck with your swaps. Look forward to seeing them. X

  4. Catching up on email reading here. Sorry you were ill, and loving the 'cheat' photo. Too funny the same hairstyle, husband, etc!


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