Monday, 11 November 2013

my granda and others like him

I actually do have some sewing and bought goodies to share, but you know what, I have had a chest infection and it seems too much work to take photographs, load them onto the computer etc etc. I have been in the house since last Friday, by tomorrow I will be stir crazy.

So instead, as it is the 11th November I will share two photos with you.

The first is my great uncle John McKeen Simms who died aged 19 after only 3 days in battle at the Battle of Cacteau in Belgium.

The second young man, or boy as they really were, is my grandfather Thomas Simms, who went to war to avenge the death of his brother, and thankfully returned. He fought in Palestine and was awarded the MM for bravery in the field. He carried his wounded officer out from no man's land and when there were no more senior officers left, commanded the other men. We have the letter of commendation and the letter of thanks from his Lieutenant, but they are for another day and another blog.

I am also lucky enough to  have a copy of a photo of my great grandfather in is RAMC uniform from the Boer War and my maternal grandfather who fought in India at the turn of the last century, but they are on the "big" computer.

We owe all these young men, and so many others like them, a great debt.



  1. Absolutely Helen!
    My grandfather served in a France in WW1 and was gassed, he did return but suffered with his chest for the rest if his days. So, so many though never returned at all......we owe so much!
    V x

  2. This is such a touching post. Those poor young men.

    Hope you are totally recovered from your chest infection soon.

  3. Your great uncle was a boy when he died. It is so sad. The loss to all those families and the mothers is hard to think about. X


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