Friday, 1 November 2013

busy busy busy with baby baby baby

This has been a busy week, sewing and every otherwise.

Last Sunday the artistic director was in London for a very important event, the Chelsea v Everton match, it was also the night the clocks went back. I think we gained an hour in bed though as I was up at the skrake of dawn driving him over to the airport my hour disappeared. I am still not sure just how early we were up. 

When I came home it was before 6 am or was it 7 and is that really 6 or 7 or even 8 o'clock in real time.
Anyhow, I got the sewing machine out to make the good of the day. By the time the daughter got up I had made a good start at this baby quilt.

cute blue teddies

really cute blue teddies

We stopped for this, brekkie for her, a second brekkie for me. To the uninitiated this is an ulster fry, although it usually has mushrooms and black pudding (I forgot until it was too late). It is really much nicer when the hubby makes it for me!

ulster fry minus the mushrooms and black pudding

By lunchtime the quilt was pieced and basted and just waiting to be quilted. I decided to use a simple disappearing 4 patch (d4p). This is for the grandson of good friends of ours, Anne and Gerry. Their first little grandson and born far away in Sidney, Australia. I was originally going to make a plus quilt from some american fat quarters a good friend brought me from San Diego. But, when it came to the bit, I couldn't part with the blue material, and in any case it is a bit grown up for a little, or not so little, newborn. I l like the way the pattern falls, it looks different again when the original squares are smaller. I had used a d9p before but saw this in Sarah's Sew Me and gave it a go.

disappearing 4 patch
I plan to quilt this with just a simple line down each side of the square.

the basted quilt, really bad photo

By  the end of the day, after fish and chips and several episodes of Housewives of Beverley Hills the daughter, Hazzelnut, and I neither knew nor cared what time it was. Lazy days just the two of us are fun. 

As the week went on, I also got my Bee Blessed blocks finished. I have only been doing this for a few months, but I always seem to finish right on the nose. I delivered them to Judith this morning at her sewing class and when I went online at home Sarah had the next blocks on her blog!

The last few days the hubby and the daughter have both been in England for work, so I have been doing some Christmas sewing. My lovely sister has asked me to make a couple of things for a table she has taken at her local church Christmas Craft Fair. She knits gorgeous Christmas things so a few sewn bits will give a bit of contrast. I made some red and white cushions, you can't get much more Christmas than that, but I don't want to blog yet, I might use them for Le Challenge this month or a Christmas Link Up if I can work out how to link up and add widgets or buttons or whatever they are.

camper van 

You may hae spotted the camper vans peeking out from behind the little blue teddies. I love this whole camper van/bike fabric that's around at the minute. I have a genealogy friend I email, a very very distant cousin, who loves her camper van. This will hopefully convert into something for her at some stage. 

Have some other things, old and new I want to blog about it, but this can't go on for ever!

Have a lovely weekend


  1. I think you must have squeezed in more than one extra hour last weekend with the amount or sewing you got done!!!
    Happy weekend Helen!
    V x

  2. I'm really liking that blue teddy quilt!


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