Tuesday, 15 October 2013

making Christmas

hi folks,

Having enjoyed Le Challenge challenge, (does that make sense) I thought it would be fun to list
my Christmas planned makes in the Making Christmas blog hop 2013.

I will hopefully be making a few things anyway so what the heck, may as well join in.

My list seems rather small compared to many of the others, but here goes,

the Stand Up For The Ulster Men quilt for my rugby mad nephew

a bicycle fabric cushion for my daughter

something, I don't know what for my sister - something christmassy and totally useless

maybe something for my auntie May, not sure about this yet.

So very boring post, no fancy graphics or photos here, but hopefully good things to come!
May get the button linked here, still getting the daughter to do these things!



  1. Knowing the fact that I am your only sister, I am looking forward to my something christmassY xx

  2. ps, I bought a 28" heart cushion pad off ebay and it is far too big. you are more than welcome to cover it in material if your wish! x


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