Monday, 14 October 2013

Halloween Challenge

Hi folks,
Thought I would join in with Le-Challenge, a monthly quilt challenge on Le Challenge.

The challenge for October is THRILLER so, here goes! I was thinking along the lines of magic and wizardy for Hallow'een, a thrilling time. Though if I am really honest, what would really thrill me would be a new Mulberry bag! That might even be more relevant, as Hallow'een - wizard - thriller is maybe more tenuous, unfortunately wizardy material is what I have, ghosty material is what I don't have.

When I thought about the word THRILLER of course the first thing that springs to mind is Michael Jackson's Thriller, but when I was young (and trust me, I am not too old) thriller meant a novel that was rather exciting, a bit of intrigue with a crime and maybe a little spying. I did wonder if this was too obtuse though, so when Lucy at Le Challenge mentioned THRILLER in connection with books, I thought, way to go!

The first two thrillers I read, apart from all of the Agatha Christie novels which were straight forward crime, were Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier and The Thirty Nine Steps by John Buchan. Rebecca always felt more of a romance, so The Thirty Nine Steps it is. I remember my dad suggesting I might like to read this book, he had enjoyed it. At the time I thought it was rather old fashioned, in the interest of father/daughter bonding I gave it a go - I suppose I hadn't realised it was a modern classic. And, I did really enjoy it. And I love the film too, directed by Alfred Hitchcock, one of his less scary films, no hiding behind the cushion with this one! This maybe even directed me towards my English degree, Rebecca was a romantic thriller, The Thirty Nine Steps was a spy thriller and The Birds was just downright scary, a horror book.

I snaffled the orange fabric from my Falling Maples quilt, which has been a WIP since 1999, I bought the fabric in Heartbeat Quilts, Hyannis, now sadly shut down. The backing is a little hallow'een fabric I bought on the same USA holiday, a tiny little shop in Kennebunkport. (where the Bush family have their holiday home and a favourite of the Kennedy family too, unfortunately we didn't spot any of them). The white is a little scrap from the Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit quilt I am just about to baste.

Lots of years ago I made a Harry Potter quilt for my bestie's daughter. ~Strangely enough this is the most complicated and probably best quilt I ever made yet I don't have a photo of it! It was various squares with Harry Potter related appliqued pictures - Hedwig the  owl, Hogwarts school, this wizardy fabric etc. Amy has promised to send me a photo of the by now rather well used quilt, and I will share it with you.


  1. Clever idea, never thought of a book.

  2. Brilliant idea! That penguin is so cute!

  3. I loved both Rebecca and 39 steps. Great interpretation of Thriller!

  4. so glad you chose a book for the theme and I adore that little penguin as well! Thanks for linking up to Le Challenge. I'm totally with you on the Mulberry bag too ;)

  5. two of my favourite books :-) Great idea.

  6. I am making a similar book (it is for a clutch project - more to come this week).. S happy someone went for a book! Thanks for participating!

  7. Great idea going for a book cover!

  8. I need to re- read those, very creative


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