Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Stand Up for the Ulster Men

Spoiler Alert!!
If you happen to be a 14 year old boy living in N Ireland, then do not read this post!  However, I doubt very much a 14 year old boy would be reading this post.

 My nephew is absolutely mad about rugby, and specifically the Ulster Rugby team. He eats, sleeps, breathes and plays rugby.

Anyhow, when the nephew was little I made him a quilt, a dark/bright blue ( know that doesn't make sense but it was a bright navy if you know what I mean) quilt with little cars and trucks all over the fabric. He loved it at the time.  When his little sister was born, she got a winnie the pooh panel made into a quilt. She loved it too. Unfortunately someone (my sister?) told the niece that her quilt wasn't a "proper quilt", a sort of "cheat quilt" and she used to say "one day will you make me a proper quilt?" Fast forward  several years and this same niece loves to make things and last Christmas, amongst her other presents, I gave her a voucher for a day's crafting with me. She thought it would be fun to make a quilt.  I got a stack of stash from the shop (roof space) and laid it all out, suggesting what I thought would be a good fabric. She chose a totally different fabric and we began the quilt. She was so pleased with her sewing!  Her mum enjoyed her Sunday afternoon in our house, gave her a chance to get her dinner made and do some knitting, and Granda who came too enjoyed the Sunday football on the telly. ~Win win all round.

the niece and her aquarium quilt, made by her and auntie Helen

Meanwhile the brother got out his old faithful quilt, by this stage practically an antique. Needless to say I was delighted when I asked him if he would like a new quilt and he said YES -  BRILLIANT, a chance to make a quilt for someone who wants and appreciates one!

I have bought a metre each of red and black kona cotton from the Paragon in Donegal Pass, Belfast. www.facebook.com/paragonfabrics  For some reason it looks a bit orange in the photo, but it is bright red.

The backing is a cheap as chips quilt cover from Matalan. http://www.matalan.co.uk/homeware/bedroom/bedding-sets/s2541319/printed-duvet-set
 is a very similar one.  A squiggly black check on one side and an alphabet on the other. It's a bit like the Ikea alphabet fabric only even cheaper and just as good. I plan to make a quilt of squares made up of red and black squares in a variety of layouts. I spotted a lovely red and white one on a blog and this will be my version. I apologise to the lovely blogger who did this, but I can't remember who it is. 

In the meantime I look forward to getting on with my plus quilt and will update on that soon, and also my Bee Blessed squares.

best wishes,
ps I bought a craft magazine the other day and saw some midget gem sweetie buttons, really have to order some. 


  1. So is the quilt going to include the ulster top or are you just using it as colour inspiration.

  2. How lovely that you were able to spend time sewing with your niece :) She will always love her quilt! Good luck with the new one for your nephew - and thank you again for visiting my blog x

  3. You'll probably be taking orders for Ulster quilts Helen....all the fans will want one! :)
    One day I'll make a quilt....I will!!!
    V x


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