Friday, 13 September 2013

how wonky is wonky?

For quite a few months I have been following Judith's blog and feeling inspired.

 That in turn led me to Bee Blessed which does great things and in turn to a group called Siblings Together. Siblings Together is a charity which brings brothers and sisters in care together for activities and some generous hearted quilters make and donate quilts for the children to keep for themselves.
Bee Blessed is a local based group, run by the above Jude and Sarah that makes quilts for mostly local people in need. And sometimes they make and donate quilts to Siblings Together.

This felt to be something I should do, partly because the Siblings Together struck a chord with me and partly to be honest, because the wonky cross square looked so simple, I thought I could tackle it without too much difficulty, and Sarah's tute covered all the angles.

But how wonky is wonky? I was only using my small cutting board and cut the large square in two and added a contrasting strip up the middle. So far so good, I hear you say. Then came the brainwave - instead of getting the big boys out and using the big board, I folded it in two to cut at an angle across the middle.

No! I hear you cry, or rather I wish I had heard you cry! When unfolded I discovered I had cut my square into a beautiful flying geese template!! I am just grateful I had just cut one and not set up a production line!

Anyhow I eventually did 6 squares without any further excitement. Well, that's not true. The Artistic Director was feeling unwell and was gently snoring across the whole bed. The son was multi-tasking, watching the Sopranos and doing important things on his laptop. I thought, I too can multi-task and surf the net and next thing I had signed up to Bee Blessed Flickr Account (can't try to post a link as Flickr is undergoing maintenance, can do that later).

So, never too old to learn new tricks!

wonky crosses for Bee Blessed

all the best


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