Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Big Quilt, Little Quilt - the gift that keeps on giving!

Well, hello there, the intention with this here little blog was to blog every week, partly to keep an online crafting diary and also to give me the discipline to stick at it. The fourth post, and I have missed my self imposed deadline!

The big sister/little sister/big quilt/little quilt is finished, a week behind schedule, but finished. Last weekend I had the whole house to myself and, boy, but was I going to kill dead things as they say. I was going to finish that quilt, finish another and make great inroads to the double bed quilt for myself started a mere 14 years ago. Needless to say, I enjoyed a lovely day at Antrim Castle Gardens with my dad, went out for dinner and cocktails with my work friends to celebrate the boss' 60th birhday and met up with a friend for coffee and went into town. I also felt a spurt of housework come on me. So, the quilt fell a little behind schedule, it's not as if the caravanning season is coming to an end or anything! Through the week we were at the lovely wedding of friends at Arligh Hall near Warrington. If you are ever in Warrington do go visit and see the gardens, absolutely gorgeous.

But, back to the quilt. It had been my intention to put a strip of cream spot, then a narrow strip of darker cream and white spot, then another broader strip of cream spot to broaden it. The last I looked I had such a wad of cream spot, then all of a sudden there was only enough for the backing and binding, and I mean JUST enough. So, the final broad strip and to be written off but I think the quilt ended up big enough. (quick note about the gnome, or Ken Bates, he is our special Chelsea gnome and minds our garden in his retirement from Chelsea football club, he is not your common or garden type garden gnome, just glad I cleared that up!)

I quilted the quilt with random six point stars in free machine quilting. I wish I could say it was a fancy Aurifil thread, but no, just some spool of white thread lying around the house. The intention was to have the star shapes on the back with the quilting, and I had felt if I had quilted in the ditch it would have lost the subtlety of the friendship squares. However, if I was to do it again I would quilt around the outlines of the friendship stars, I now feel that would have been better for the calm look I was after. Ironically it was only on giving it to the sister that I noticed a few big spaces without a quilted star!

The daughter, who kindly trimmed off edges and removed the pins had noticed but didn't like to say!!! Am I that scary?

 Ho hum, I can finish it when it comes home from little sister's caravan. One thing I am sure of this, this quilt won't be lain on by the huge dog the sister has, who would actually coordinate really well with the quilt. Why am I sure of this? Because this dog only has the best!

Remember that one square was different as I was one square short? Well, I found yet another bag with two finished friendship squares and a whole load cut and held with a pin. This will really be the gift that keeps on giving, I feel a Christmas present coming on to go with the little quilt/big quilt. (AAArggh Christmas, don't even think about it).

till next time,


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