Friday, 9 August 2013

well, hello there

well, hello there, after talking about setting up a blog for months, I have done it! What do I think of my blog name and the rest of it, probably not a lot, but couldn't think of anything and the alternative is to put it off yet again. What to blog? Well, I like to quilt, I like to knit and I like to read, in  between times, I like to bake a little and work in the garden, and oh yes, I like to scrapbook. Not so keen on the housework, but getting better as the years go on.
Now to see if I can attach a photo! Many years ago I quilted a lot and then not at all, am now refinding my quilty mojo as a result of all these lovely quilty blogs on the web. So, I have been finishing off old projects, or rather rediscovering old friends.
The green jungle quilt was one I cut out 6 years ago that is right, 6 years ago, when my nephew had his first child. They have now had their second child, a lovely little girl. So when the new baby got her pink baby quilt the six year old got his too. When he asked how long it took, I was able to tell him 6 years! The little pink quilt was made from scraps, and was a little on the small side, but I have to use up that stash! Well the photo seems to have attached itself, not sure how! Speak again soon!


  1. hello there Helen, thank you for joining my blog. I would like to follow yours. you should put a link up for people to follow you. It is easy to do in the settings bit. x

    1. Hi Angela, I THINK I have that sorted, or rather my daughter sorted it out after a quick text! I have so much to learn! thanks for your help and thanks for checking me out and following me! I have been reading your blog for sometime and been enjoying it! x

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