Tuesday, 13 August 2013

simple is best

A quilt I finished recently was this Kath Kidston quilt for the daughter. A year ago the daughter asked me to make a throw for her student flat, this morphed into 4 lap quilts for her and her flat mates. I agreed as long as they were all just a simple nine patch and all from my stash. Well, whilst buying the wadding I spotted this fabric in Craftswoman, Kilroot. We felt the daughter's quilt should be from stash as well so I kept this for later.
 Although this is only really squares, the nine patch doesn't show out, I love this quilt for its simplicity, the Kath Kidston fabric is busy enough. I can't remember the name of the wadding but it is beautifully soft, like a while wool blanket.  This quilt stayed at home, and to be honest I borrow it quite often lying with a book and a cup of tea, even before it was bound.  (The photo may look like dead of winter and not recent, but it was only just before Easter)

The quilting was just simple hand quilting round the pink squares, but it is rather, I think I may have lifted the poker instead of a quilting seven!

The most recent quilt I finished was another very simple quilt, known forever as the "home and away" quilt. A good friend had her first grandchild abroad a year or so ago. At the time I make the little boy a simple nine patch quilt made from transport fabric I had had for many years. Well, in the spring the little lad was making his first to the land of his fathers and there was much excitement. I had a bit of a hoke in the roof space and found the off cuts and tiny scraps, see you should never throw away anything! With a little creativity there was just about enough  to make a straight line quilt which actually had a road effect for all those cars in the fabric. I had just about enough plain fabric for the contrast, joined some left over wadding and even found the blue check backing in my stash. So, a cheap and cheerful home and away quilt for a little antipodean  boy with N'Orin Irish roots!

I am quite excited about putting my quilting in a quilting diary so to speak. My next one to show is a work in progress, another old friend this time unfinished, and not squares! - well some squares, you have to some squares in every quilt!


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  1. sorry, couple of typos up there, not sure how to edit, I deleted the word "ungainly" after the word "rather" in the quilting of the Kath Kidston, and the wadding is "white" not "while"! Daughter, show me how to edit when published!!


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