Thursday, 22 August 2013

big quilt, little quilt, big sister, little sister

This lap quilt came from one of those surreal experiences which happens to you now again. At Easter I was with my sister at her caravan and admired her lovely quilt cover. She told me, laughingly, that it was a quilt I had made her several years ago and she dug it out again. Maybe it was the passage of time or different place but I was thinking, "quilt .... I made that quilt....". In all honesty I was quite impressed that I had made something so nice. Little Sister then said she had been looking for a throw to use as a lap quilt to tone in.
By the time I got home I had not only remembered the quilt but that I had been making for a king sized bed, realized she had a normal bed and so hadn't needed the extra smaller friendship squares for the final border.

A quick hunt through my fabric store, aka the roof space and I found the squares and left over material. It then sat in my craft room/wine store/utility room/cross trainer room until last week. It dawned me the caravan season would soon be coming to an end so I should better get a move on!

There were 15 squares so I decided to make square number 16 in the same material but reversing the colour way.
Not only did I do that but I seem to have made a wholly different square, some sort of whirly gig thing. Of course this will be deliberate to represent the holidays and caravan.

I am now on to the borders and thought I had finished until Artistic Director said it was just big enough to cover a wheelchair or a big buggy, so back to the drawing board again. I THINK there is just about enough of the darker colour to sew a staggered border then I can add a few more inches of the pale fabric. Then that will have to do, it will be a cuddly sized lap quilt. I actually really like it and it and its big sister quilt would exactly match my own bedroom - much better than the bed sized quilt I started for myself 14 years ago (yes 14 years ago) which I hope to finish sometime within the next few months. I see quilting "finish a long" online and I an think I should sign up.

all the best
Helen x

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