Sunday, 1 July 2018

What Was That I Said?

What was that I said? Do you remember? I think I said I wasn't starting any new projects. Does it count if it is using "stuff" I already have, and it is a different version of something I am really doing? I have a couple of projects just on the cusp of finishing, I want, really want, to make myself some project bags. I won one, and bought one, but I would like a couple with my own stamp on it.

And then I spotted the #kingfisherstitchalong on instagram.

I didn't jump in feet first at first sight. I could see it was epp, and one circle of hexies around the central hexie. Very nice I thought. I like that, but sure, aren't I doing my Liberty double hexie quilt. Coming together very nicely too.

Next I read the related blog posts by "stitched in colour" and "tales of cloth", two of the co hosts. Very nice, I thought, if I wasn't so busy. Not at home to new projects.

Then, bam, I spotted one posting that used Liberty epp and the diamonds they were mounted on, were bright solids. And that was it, I was smitten. It is not as if I even have to buy any fabrics, I have a right little collection of Liberty fabric, and I have all my left overs from my Postcard quilt and my two wedding quilts. (Not my actual two weddings, but the two quilts I have made for weddings)

To date, I have made 20 flowers, and have a few more ready to go. They are really relaxing to make. perfect for summer evenings in the garden or in front of the television. Gentle hand sewing, with no weight in it.

There are 46 flowers to make altogether. I do have another 15 or so fabrics, but I will not use them all. Some of the fabrics are more of a woven jersey and two heavy or dull for this project. Unfortunately I will not be in London to buy any more in the mean time. I could order some online, but I quiet like the idea of getting this quilt for "free". I will probably repeat the colours. My late lamented dad, the accountant, would be saying ... Helen, how many times do I have to tell you? They aren't free when you originally paid for them......  well, it feels like free!

I have yet to cut any diamonds that the epp flowers are mounted on. This involves left and right, up and down, mirror images and diagonal. I will leave this until the last minute. We stuck them around our table for the photo, wouldn't they make a great garland?

So I am sure you can understand why this was my Dreami moment this month. My drop everything and make it moment for this month. I link up accordingly.

I actually have another Dreami moment this month, I am obsessed with the Beekeeper cardigan designed my Marie Green, Olive Knits, here with my swatch.

 This is the basis of a 4 day knit a long. As soon as I saw the pattern, I knew I wanted to knit this. Kelly, of Lay Family Yarn, custom dyed the double knitting super merino yarn for me in her bee happy colourway.

 I don't feel I have to knit the cardigan in the 4 day period, starting today, but I am excited to knit it. I know that I could knit it in the 4 days but I will take a more leisurely pace.

Helen x
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  1. If you do repeat fabrics, they can look so different set on different colored solids. And that summery yellow cardigan is going to be lovely on you.

  2. Two beautiful new projects.

  3. I like the yellow yarn, it will make a lovely sweater. Have fun with the epp.

  4. The hexies look great. It's not a new project -- a redirection. ha ha ha

  5. I like the way Anja thinks! I was drawn to this QAL, too, but haven’t done anything to get it started.

    1. P. S. I absolutely love your sweater yarn! What a cool stitch.

  6. Love seeing you in your bee happy yellow shorts! FOUR days to knit a cardigan??! Holy cow. Do knit continental style? Always wanted to figure that out as it makes more sense. I saw your flowers on IG and wondered, and here they are. I'm with you on the free project, nvm you did pay for that fabric back wasn't used for the quilt, so IMHO it is free! Can't wait to see these on the brights!

  7. Hi Helen,
    Visiting from Sandra’s link party, I was the last to link up!
    Wow, 4 days to knit a cardigan..... it would never happen in my house! I was knitting a jumper when I started blogging 4 years ago, it’s in the “dreaded cupboard” (translate as: a home for UFO’s)!
    Love the flower project ..... and, if you already made a project with the fabric it is definitely now “free fabric”.
    Good luck on finishing it soon.
    Barbara x
    Blogging as: The Flashing Scissors


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