Sunday, 17 June 2018

There Goes The Band

It wouldn't be like me to jump on the bandwagon. This time, I am so far behind the band wagon, I am running as fast my short legs will go, shouting wait for me. I have hopped skipped and jumped onto the back of the wagon and just about caught up with it, just as it rolls into town. I had said ages ago, no more band wagons, I know I did, but the temptation was just too much for me to resist.

To be fair to myself, I did want to make a little quilt to celebrate all things American. Well, not all things, not the things I don't like, but to celebrate all the things I do like. The ocean, the vastness of the country, the turkey dinners, sweet potatoes, apple pie, that sort of thing. Since my son has been in USA the last few years, I have draped a piece of material with the stars and stripes flag on it over the back of the chair. Not draped all the time, that would be mad. On Thanksgiving Day and Independence Day I drape the fabric, and we have either turkey dinner or hot dogs as appropriate. At this stage my husband will be saying, Do We? Yes, we do, you just haven't noticed! Anyhow, with my son being married and whatnot, I thought we needed to up our game rather. The plan was to make a small Americana quilt. I was going to buy some Uncle Sam type fabric whilst we were there for the wedding, but that didn't happen. I had talked about sewing a Carpenter's Star block quilt which would have been perfect.

In the meantime, Tish announced her mystery Fireburst quilt a long.

 Mmmm what to do? I wanted to do the Carpenter's Star, but surely a Fireburst sounds all sort of July 4 and fireworks type of thing. The quilt a long started, and I still didn't have any fabric. Then I went for a hoke in my drawers, as the saying goes and found some American fabric.

I decided to go with the navy flags as my fabric 1, and then the navy and red starred fabrics and 2 and 3. A plain dark red kona is my background. It wasn't long until I got caught up with my half square triangles and half geese.

 I feel as if I should be finishing the geese, so I am intrigued to see how the half geese work. Tish is very enterprising and has set up a secret society, a Fb page for moral and mutual support. When I posted my fabrics, Tish felt they would work well, so that's all to the good. That is the thing about a mystery quilt, its a mystery.

I am making the baby size which is 32". I plan to maybe add a border with the two narrow strips of fabric. I will use the two narrow fabrics running across the front of my photo, the hearts and stars. Or maybe not, if they look a bit twee.  I don't usually like borders, I like a more modern look to a quilt, these borders can be ironic, no political jokes about walls and borders intended.

So, the excitement has begun. I have a new folder in my lap top labelled Fireburst for photos, as one folder closes, so another opens. I am not sure when the quilt a long finishes, but as I have draped a bit of material for so long, we will not worry too much about an actual finish. I have just checked. Tish finishes on 1 January, that gives me plenty of time for a finish!

If you fancy joining in, I am sure it is not too late. Just jump on board.
Go check out my friend Tish for details.
So, that's me on board the band wagon for now. This reminds me of the lady watching the Salvation Army Band. The band major said to her, "for a donation you can have a hymn." She replied, "can I have him with the tuba?". I loved that joke.

Ooops, another band wagon just went past, and the man that plays the tuba was calling me. More about that next time.
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  1. I think it sounds like the perfect bandwagon to jump in on to create a touch of Americana worth celebrating. :)

  2. Yes I'm on this bandwagon as well and I think I'm joining the other also. You are going to have a great little American quilt to go to celebrate those things you like.

  3. Ooh, I love a good quilt along...I will try to resist temptation...but anywho, the fabrics look lovely and you will be all set to celebrate all things American (or at least the good things we can ignore the not so good things).

  4. I didn't get on this bandwagon yet, but who knows I might yet. I wonder if I can have as much fun as you are?

  5. I'll be interested to see how this progresses. As for bandwagons - nowt wrong with them if they motivate us!

  6. That's an old joke that I've never heard before! Surprising, since my DH is the king of corny old jokes. Your fabric look very Yankee and celebratory. The quilt will be perfect for sitting under the band shell, listening to John Phillip Sousa and watching fireworks.

  7. Looks like you’re well on your way with the band now. I’m co-hosting the Moda Bake Shop summer mystery QAL so that will keep my plate full this summer. I rather fancied the drummer in the band, rather than the tuba player, & will be celebrating our 39th anniversary in July with him.

  8. Tish, you jumped on, chose fabric, and pieced - while I haven't made any progress. My pieces have been cut for quite a while but I haven't sewn anything. I need a swift kick in the pants to get me going!! Glad you are sewing along and I hope I can get in gear and catch up to you.

  9. It's definitely not too late to join in. Love your fabrics. Can't wait to see them come together.


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