Saturday, 23 June 2018

From Me With Love

The football World Cup is on and the press is full of animal fortune tellers predicting the outcome of the matches. Well, I predict this quilt will be a finish for next Friday. I am not a gambler by nature, but I would even put good money on it, that I will have a finish by this time next week.

I have finished quilting my Postcard from Sweden quilt, my Writing from Whitehead quilt. I used proper quilting thread, Aurifil 2115, nice sharp lemon colour.

I had laid out my quilt on instagram and had a quick poll on whether to quilt with lots of multi coloured cheap and cheerful moon threads, bought especially for the occasion, or the one spool of lemon Aurifil I found in a drawer. The response was overwhelmingly in favour of the Aurifil.

It is strange. I am happy to spend money on the fabrics, and quite frequently do. I am happy to spend money on decent yarn. With fabric and yarn, you do get what you pay for. Why spend my valuable time on shoddy materials which won't last? I spend money on make up. Why would I put anything questionable on my face, even though I so rarely wear it? So .... why then won't I spend money on thread? I come over so parsimonious with it. I think it is because "there is nothing to show for it". My experience in quilting with this shows me I am wrong. The thread is important. The definition is so much better, the tension is more consistent. Hard to put my finger on it, it is just better.

My quilting is very simple, straight lines, in V shapes. No particular pattern or design, just where the needle went.

The quilt may need more quilting? But I don't want to over quilt? I like plain and simple. Should I do more lines? Should I do all over squiggles, now I can use my fmq foot? Please feel free to tell me what you think.

All I have left now is to bind the edges. And, ahem, hand stitch a little fabric up in one corner, which seems to be a little shy of backing fabric. I have no idea how that happened. It is not as if I am short of backing fabric.


It seems a long time since Sandra talked about our shared love for this quilt, and she organised  a qal.
My quilt has been finished quite a while, just waiting to be quilted.

So ... a finish for next Friday? I don't see why not. The linky parties for Finish Up Friday, and Finished Or Not Friday seem to "taking a break", but old habits die hard. So I am linking up instead with Tish and her UFOs, this is nearly an unfinished object project isn't it?

I am off to order some "proper" quilting threads.

Helen x
linking up with Tish in Wonderland


  1. I have no idea about quilting but to my eye it looks great as it is!!

  2. I think it looks fantastic! It is funny how we allow ourself to buy certain things and won't hardly consider spending on other things!! I sure love seeing all these colors together!!

  3. I love that you followed the needle and created really fun shapes with the quilting as a result. I think it looks like a finish to me!

  4. I think it looks great! I might be tempted to add more straight lines.

  5. I'ts lovely! I know nothing about machine quilting and related threads but that lemon looks gorgeous. I by nice threads but carry on hand quilting with bent needles.

  6. Well said! Your quilt is perfect! You should be very pleased! I love the machine quilting process, and sometimes simple is better, as evidenced right here!

  7. Ooh, it's so pretty Helen in the sunshine! Love the Tula backing too, great choice. As is the lemon Aurifil. I'm with you on everything and also on thread, but I do find if I like a thread and the machine does, as is the case with Essential from Connecting Threads 100% cotton (reminds me of your moon threads there) on Avril the longarm, then I am quite happy to stitch away with it! I am not partial to one thread company; if they stitch up well and give me the effect I want (Sulky has the most fabulous rayons and metallics and Blendables--love! Superior some fabulous fine top threads, variegated ones like King Tut--you gotta try it, and their bobbin threads are my favourite) then I use it. More choices, more texture, more effect!
    As for your questions regarding quilting, I'd go through all the intersections, if you didn't already, much of a PITA that may be, but just so you don't get any 'poofing' there when you wash your WfW. :-)
    And I'm so glad you nudged me to get the QAL up and going; it's been so rewarding on many levels.

  8. It's gorgeous, Helen! Congrats on getting the quilting finished. I don't think it needs any more stitching because the colors are what really stands out on Postcards. Thank you so much for being one of the brains behind the QAL :)

  9. Well done. I love the quilting. Good luck finishing up this week.

  10. I think I smell a finish too! I think the quilting looks just perfect and I love that you chose the yellow thread and we all know I'm bias to the brand 0:) I'm kind of the opposite, I don't think twice about paying more money for thread and will be skimpy on the price I pay for fabric.


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