Saturday, 21 April 2018

Postcards On Parade

The end is nigh, we approach the final countdown. The linky party for the Postcard from Sweden qal hosted by Sandra mmmquilts is in its final hours. The Postcards from Sweden, from all over the world in fact are on parade. They really are fantastic. You would be very hard pushed to pick a favourite, and not just because they follow the same pattern. They are like my twins, the same but different. Some are the same colourway, some are different. Some follow the pattern, some like my Belfast Bulletin are different. Some have similar quilting, some are very different in their quilting. The common denominator is that they are all brilliant and inspiring.

I am so glad I made this quilt, my Writing from Whitehead. I have liked it and wanted to make it since its inception in 2014 when Kellie of jeliquilts designed it. I wanted to make it when Myra of busyhands had a quiltalong, but my hands were too busy at that time. In conversation with Sandra, we both still wanted to make this. And we did. And it has been fun. I can actually see myself making another of these at some stage.  If you fancy making this for yourself, the pattern is a free download on Craftsy.

So, am I finished? Am I what? No, of course I am not.

I laid the wadding on the kitchen bench late last night. I ironed and laid on top my backing my Tula Pink fabric . I smoothed out all the wrinkles. I could have given Mrs Tiggywinkle a run for her  money. And then I realised the awful thing. My backing is about 6" narrower than the flimsy. I quite possibly did realise this when I started this whole process, but somewhere along, I forgot this. I have a whole lot of offcuts in an Ikea plastic bag, rather than my scrap bag, so I assuredly did know this.

So .... I am not finished. In fact, I am actually no further on than I was in the last link up. I just didn't get a chance to sort this out. I am going to sew together the kona offcuts and make a ladder, like I did in the Belfast Bulletin and extend the backing width. There is enough length in my yardage to keep the fabric all the same, but I hate the join. I am always concerned, does my backside look good in this? The eternal conundrum of the middle aged woman.

I do however have a couple of rather nice photos to show you, taken in the garden today.

Felix the hare was keeping an eye on things, minding my knitting bag.
I knew I bought a new seat for a reason, somewhere else to drape things.
 And my photo of Whitehead again. One day, not in April, but possibly May, the two will be united. My quilt and Whitehead.

Thank you again Sandra for such a fun quilt a long, and all the hard work you put into this.
Helen x
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linking up with Myra of busy hands qults and finished or not Friday


  1. The photos show just how vibrant and glowing the quilt is. Good luck extending the backing to be just what you need!

  2. Your quilt sparkles with all those beautiful colours!

  3. I just love these quilts! It's beautiful, bright and bold...perfect!

  4. Ah, yes, the eternal backside question. It's so much easier if you don't have to piece the backing, but that rarely happens. The Tula is a wonderful fabric for the back of Whitehead, though, and will look fantastic with the ladder in solids.

    I have a top that would be just the right size for our guest bed if I added a simple border. But the backing is already pieced and the thought of enlarging THAT has stopped me in my tracks. Sigh.

  5. I love the bright colors of your quilt! And I love a pieced backing even though it means more work. This will be stunning once done, great job Helen!

  6. The colours are bright and colourful. It's a great pattern. I, too, may make it again in the future. Good luck sorting out the backing.

  7. I love the backing fabric you picked. I'm sure it will look great, with your extra pieces added on. Great job!!!

  8. Oh bad luck with the backing, a good way to use the offcuts though it will just take a little longer to finish it. At least your top is finished, so far I have only two rows done of mine :-( Your version is so bright it seems to shine out of the pics, you are fast becoming the queen of the HST quilt. Congrats on your finished flimsy.


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