Monday, 9 April 2018

Flimsy Finish

I have a Flimsy Finish. Is that a Flinsy?? I like to think so...

I finished my Writing from Whitehead flimsy last week. Just in time for Friday Finished or Not which I missed. Ah well, can link up this Friday I suppose. That's the problem with self imposed deadlines, I met one, I missed the other. Does it matter? Does anybody read this anyway? Not really, and hope so!

Anyhow, I finished the flimsy, it is really Postcard from Sweden, retitled because I like to do that. I managed to get a photo out in the garden between the rain showers. I positioned it so you could see the tete a tete daffodils below it, but they didn't particularly make it in to the photo. Never mind.

I have really happy with how this turned out. I love everything about it, the vibrancy, the happiness that just springs from the quilt. The beginnings of springtime, with promises of summer to come. Hopefully,

The weird thing was, I was a triangle or two short towards the end. A triangle short of a half square triangle, not a triangle short of a picnic! I did expect that. If you remember, there was a little fudging of fabric early on, as the parcel Sandra my fabric mule sent to me, came via Timbuctoo. Or so it seemed at the time! I slotted in the  missing triangles when they arrived, but I knew it was possible I had miscounted a couple. What I did not expect was to have a whole load of random triangles left over! Really was not expecting that. Must have cut too many in the first place. But, I counted, and counted again and bagged them all up. I have got caught by the old adage "measure twice, cut once" before. I was methodical. I counted, and counted again, and bagged up. Ho Hum. There may be a cushion in the offing!

Looking at the Sacher Torte box that also inspired me, they must have been inspired by the postcards in Ikea as well!

I am so looking forward to finishing this and taking it to Whitehead for photos!

Next step is to baste. I may need to join some wadding together. Again, I worked out my sums and bought enough wadding to do both Belfast Bulletin (the blue ombre version) and Writing from Whitehead. Remarkably there isn't enough wadding left. I don't know how that happens. I know my mental arithmetic isn't my strongest point, but its not that bad. Seemingly it is. Anyhow, next step is to baste. In the meantime I have started quilting my Belfast Bulletin, but more about that later.

Helen x
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  1. Now wonder those beautiful colors ran the rain away! Just lovely and the daffodils too!

  2. Hi Helen,
    What a great finish! And just in time for this week's parade - good for you. I finished mine last week and took it to be longarm quilted. I was going to try it myself, but the queen size I made is just too intimidating. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. It's a glorious burst of color and I'm excited to see it photographed in Whitehead, too!

  4. I read your delightful posts! Your postcard quilt is stunning!!!! "Better to have leftovers than not enough to go around" (that's what my mama says but of course, she was referring to food at mealtime but it sure fits here ). I was going to join in and make a postcard from Sweden too but life is soooo busy right now as we try to fit in the last of the fun in the sun before we head north to our other home. We're actually not in too much of a hurry as they just had another snow and ice storm over the weekend so we'll stay here for 5 more weeks or maybe longer if ND hasn't thawed out yet.

  5. It looks great Helen and soon it will be joined by it's twin in Ontario! Give me your address and I'll send you a postcard....but I'm not saying when. Did you see Tish is going to host a mystery?

  6. Those fabric mules taking the scenic route via Timbuktu can be so playful. It is remarkable that you finished the flimsy in spite of all the odds. Now, I know that Sacher Torte is a chocolate cake, but that picture does not say chocolate cake, even if it looks yummy :-)

  7. Well done! It's so bright and colourful.

  8. I am in love with the PFS quilt and your version is so bright, colorful, and happy! It looks fantastic Helen - thanks so much for sharing it on MCM. I understand miscounting your pieces...I manage to do that a lot, no matter how hard I try to get it right. LOL

  9. Helen this is just so vibrant, and amongst the tête à tête (LOVE that, but you knew I would, loving all things français) daffodils, so perfect. I'm so jealous of said daffodils; it's so abnormally cold here, there's (to use a Lancashire expression, "nary a one" tête à tête let alone tête single!). I'm also jealous that yours is done, and mine has 3 rows left...this weekend and maybe throw it on Avril and quilt it simply as the quilt sings even just as a flimsy! I have been hearing that there are LOTS of little leftover triangles...

  10. Ah, it looks perfect! The colors are so vibrant, I'm just a teensy bit sad that I didn't use the Kona solids the pattern calls for in mine. Congrats on the flinsy :)


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