Between the White Rabbits and the Squirrels

The thing about crafting, and I use the word crafting rather than quilting, is that is a conundrum . No sooner have you finished something than up leaps a new challenge a new project. It is rather like the blue bloods who believe that when you marry the mistress, it creates a new job vacancy.

I have never been a mistress, except a mistress of my own disasters (destiny), nor am I likely at this stage to become a mistress. I do however have a brain that seems to be constantly ticking over. I had never heard of the phrase "squirrel moment" until Sandra explained it to me, but it sums it up rather well.

Last weekend my sister brought me a unexpected present. A vase, vase or vase. That's what she thought she brought me, but she really brought me a squirrel. Or to be more exact, a white rabbit.

What do you see when you look at this vase?

To be honest, my husband saw tat. My sister joked that he would hate it, he smiled or grimaced politely. I saw a rabbit, a white rabbit. You see, I have a little stash of Alice in Wonderland fabric I bought last year, in a squirrel moment of all its own.

The tower of teacups made me think of the Mad Hatter's tea party.

                                         oops, upside down, pretend it's down the rabbit hole
Just recently I have seen a few project bags made from this fabric. I kind of feel I need a break from quilt making for a few weeks, but project bags, now that's another thing. This is a very literary post, because now I am going to be all Charles Dickens on you. Mr Micawber had a big long quote about happiness being having enough money, unhappiness being not having enough money. To a crafter happiness is having a project bag for every project. I need more project bags. I don't like to have more projects than I have bags to keep them in. So ... I need more project bags. I also bought some of the coordinating blue spot at a later date. It would make a terrific lining.

My niece also loves Alice in Wonderland, which is lovely for a teenager still to feel that magic. My daughter loves Alice in Wonderland. There may be a few requests for bags here too. I was lucky enough to win a pattern by Jeni Baker of in Color Order for drawstring bags of various sizes from a draw Preeti of Sew Preeti Quilts had  for baby Axel. I will probably use this.

So is that my squirrel moment for April? Yes and no. It is but then another one crept in too. I just said I needed a breather after finishing the Belfast Bulletin. Next up to finish is my Writing from Whitehead. And all these project bags. And then I received an envelope, a lovely surprise. Sandra sent me some leftovers from her "plus playtime" quilt. She knows I love spotty fabric, and geometric fabric a close runner up.

And this coincides with Sandra's new qal  which just happens to use this very pattern and fabric. How can I resist?

 I had that very day been thinking I needed some new cushions for the garden. So, I am going to have a play with "plus playtime" and make not one quilt, but four cushions, or maybe 2 for the garden. For my writing corner. It will soon have as many soft furnishings as the house. That's what I like, our garden is just another room in the house, admittedly more pleasant when the sun shines.

Helen x
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  1. The drawstring pattern is awesome. I have it. The Alice fabric is very pretty.

  2. Love the Alice in Wonderland fabric, it will be wonderful in project bags. Interesting idea to make the pattern for Plus Playtime into four cushions, they will be so bright and cheerful, I'm looking forward to seeing how you get on.

  3. That Sandra! She’s such a sweetie! And miss Preeti, too! That drawstring bags pattern is on my wishlist. Doesn’t your head just spin with all these ideas? Sometimes, I get so overwhelmed, I have to just stop. I’m preparing to travel, and my crafts suitcase is full of unfinished, kitted projects...45 pounds worth! Well, there are a few supplies in there, too. But there was no room for any new fabric! Not that I’ll need any with all those projects to finish over the summer. Have fun with your bags and cushions! Can’t wait to see!

  4. It's good to do a different craft as a palate cleanser between big quilts. The Alice fabrics are just so cute, you can't go wrong making anything with them :)

  5. As soon as I saw that vase, you know I thought Mad Hatter Tea Party and wondered if there was a door mouse hiding in there :) I'm very jealous of your magical ability to cast spells on fabric and turn them into bags, but I look very much forward to seeing them.

  6. Can a teacup be the perfect squirrel, or is that a mixed metaphor too far?


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