Friday, 20 April 2018

Belfast Bulletin and the Cow Parade

Time for this Bulletin to reach its audience. We have a finish. We don't actually have a real finish, but then you know the mantra, "don't believe everything you read". We are pretending we have a finish.

The final Postcards from Sweden parade is this week. Check out all the other entries here. It is really interesting to see all the original Postcards, and all the interpretations, or translations I suppose, of Kellie's original Postcards from Sweden design. Kellie's photo of her finished quilt, not mine!!!

This all came about because, simply, Sandra of mmmquilts and myself decided we wanted to make this quilt. Sandra then suggested we made it a formal quilt a long, and has been kind enough to credit me. But you know, all I did was say, why don't we make this together? Sandra has done all the work, all the techy stuff.

I thought this would make a perfect wedding quilt for my son and his fiancée. They oohed and aahed and loved the photos I showed them of Kellie's quilt. Then asked if they could have something calmer, maybe in blues and greens.

I knew immediately where to go. Sarah Goer had designed a quieter blue ombre version for Mary. I showed them this and they loved it. This too became lost in translation. Sarah's original design was for a largish lap quilt. I tweaked it again, still trying to marry the Postcards and Sarah's quilts and this is what we ended up with.

Meet the Belfast Bulletin.

There a lot, a lot, of loose ends to sew in. A binding to make and machine stitch on, and hand stitch on the back. And a label to make. Very important to label your quilts. Unfortunately I never get around to the label. But I intend to. Really.

My photos were taken up at my local council offices. They have these cows that were part of a local art project. I actually think community art, or rather art in the community landscape is very important, but the monetary cost of these cows were rather controversial at the time.

The flat, non action  photos are in my garden at home. When I am finished, properly, I have somewhere very special in mind to take the photos.


In the meantime, go check out the linky. You won't be disappointed.

Helen x
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  1. Congratulations on the near finish, Helen. Getting all that quilting done is no small feat and the quilt is looking fantastic.

  2. BBon a cow! I love it! So happy we did this together! I love your backing too, and the shot of you beside the quilt, which is on the cow, in front of the council offices, on the emerald green grass...(sounds like that song about a fly, nvm I don't want or intend to give, an earworm...)

  3. Oh so close, that walking foot quilting can take forever! I love what you don with the backing!

  4. Pretty colours in your quilt. Love the "model".

  5. The cow is a great prop...I wonder where you’re planning to photograph the finished quilt...I’ll just have to wait and see!

  6. Congrats on the almost finish! Beauties!

  7. It's so beautiful, Helen! The softness of the colors is just lovely and a wonderful variation on Postcards. Now I want to make one in these blues and greens, but I shall sit down and wait until that feeling goes away. As for labels, I never regretted buying pre-printed ones with my name on them. Not as good as a custom one for each quilt, but better than the alternative of no label at all!

  8. A beautiful and unique version. Love the cows by the way xx


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