Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Looking Out The Window

My sewing machine, remember it was playing up? It is now playing the fool, or playing me for a fool. The feed dogs are no longer feeding the fabric through at all. Just as well it is booked in for a service on Thursday. I should have done this ages ago, and no doubt Cecil, or Cecil's wife in the repair shop will tell me so.

In the meantime I am footering around. It is a bit ironic, my daughter has several parcels being delivered this week. All delivered to home. All delivered on different days. All delivered in two or three hour delivery slots. And I have no machine to play with! Boy are my kitchen cupboard doors shiny and my floors clean this week

I decided to have a "hoke" and see what else I could be getting on with. I came across my quatrefoil window quilt. This was my bee quilt from last year, Beeabee2017.

 To be fair to my bee mates, my initial blog post said I was going the pale blue view through the window route. This is based on the view out of quatre foil window, or the light filtering through said window.

I quickly changed that to a child's view through the window. And to be fair, I think most of my of my bee mates had read the email very promptly and followed my instructions to the letter. What I have decided to do, is use a mix of all the child's view and some  pale blue sky on the front of the quilt, and the remaining pale blue blocks on the backing.

To balance them out, I am going to undo my test blocks and re sew them with a child's view.
Here the two are, "auditioning" the new fabrics. Both space orientated, one bought by me and the other sent to me by Yvonne, jetquiltinggirl. It is nice to incorporate a little of Yvonne and her jet story into this. 

They are all unpicked now and waiting.

That just leaves me needing one more child's view block for the front. I will make another one. I just today was gifted the perfect fabric for this, plains and helicopters, amongst some fabrics Lucy from charmaboutyou very kindly sent me , arrived today. Again, I have "known" Lucy right from the start of my sewing, and it is nice to include this.

So, are you still with me? That is 12 blocks for the front, 4 x 3 blocks, and 5 remaindered to be part of the backing. I have this great space fabric for the rest of the backing. I am now keen to get this going again, and it is on my FAL list for this quarter (finish a long). But you know what, I can't get going as I have don't have my sewing machine. I might just go to the loft and get the old Janome, but it hadn't a great tension, and I am not techy enough to fix these things.

If my old machine is ok, I can at least get the backing pieced for the Belfast Bulletin ready to baste over the weekend. It has all been a bit of a Pfaff. And, if no machine at all, well I have a So Faded sweater very nearly finished. And even a few wardrobes to tidy xxx

Helen x


  1. I hope they can sort out your machine in no time and you can get back sewing!

  2. Those blocks are going to look great and so nice that you can incorporate memories with gifted fabrics.

  3. It's a sad, sad state of affairs that you are reduced to tidying up for entertainment! At least you got your bee blocks sorted out to make the new quilt in your head :) Best of luck with the machine repairs!

  4. It will be fun to see the fabric I sent you stitched into these blocks!

  5. I really like your plan for the quatrefoil quilt! I’d be looking out the window as opposed to looking in and cleaning the wardrobes if I had no machine just sayin’

  6. Hope your machine gets fixed up and home again soon. Looks like you have a lovely plan for when you get sewing again. Maybe you should bring the Janome in and get him fixed up too. It's always nice to have a backup!

  7. I hope they don't take too long sorting your machine, though at least you have a clean house. I like your newly-laid plan for the quatrefoil quilt.


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