Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Valentine's Socks

Valentine's Day is to be a busy day in our house. Postcards From Sweden is kicking off. I am going out for "a wee day out" with my friend, Liz, I will be at my Scrapbooking Class in the Evening. I will no doubt have a romantic tea with my husband, hopefully. And I will be starting a new knitting project.

A week or so ago, I bought myself a skein of Strawberry Fields Forever sock yarn from Ellie in Craft House Magic's etsy shop. Sue my IG and bee friend bought one too, and we decided to knit a pair of socks beginning Valentine's Day. Ellie thought this was a wonderful idea, and joined in too. Now Ellie is hosting a Valentine's Day Cast On in her ravelry group. Check out her ravelry page and thread. I can't link you without linking up my own online account! I am really looking forward to this. I have fallen in love with knitting again, and I really love knitting socks. To knit, albeit it virtually, with friends, well that is just lovely, very lovely.

Ellie has designed a heart themed sock which she is launching on the day itself. This will be fun. Now, will I keep these socks for myself or will I knit them for my husband? The yarn just looks like a bowl of ice cream and strawberries. Some of my favourite summer things. Roll on the summer. Ellie does a great podcast which I love to "watch". I know, podcast - listen, not watch. Check out her blog for details.

Helen x


  1. That yarn is so pretty. Can't wait to see the socks. Make them for yourself!!

  2. And rewdy, set go.... Have a lovely day my friend...I too will probably cast on later..xxx

  3. I will definitely look out for her podcast and look up the socks. I need to make some, did fingerless gloves, easy, now socks are on the must-tackle list. I love that yarn, want to lick it. That's because it reminds me a candy cane ice cream we used to get at Christmas when I was a kid, as it was only available then. Much better licking than wool, pffft!

  4. Oh yes, the yarn reminds me of raspberry ripple, but vanilla is my favourite, or the vanilla with cherries, I so love ice cream. Sorry, it started me thinking, or rather dreaming. I think you should make socks for yourself, you have to love and care for yourself if you want to care for others, so give yourself a treat, you deserve it.

  5. I favoured those socks myself yesterday...but no more cast ons until i finish some WIP's.
    Love your yarn!!


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