Sunday, 11 February 2018

Postcards From Sweden - Thinking and Contemplating

Wednesday 14 February is the launch of the Postcards From Sweden quiltalong, hosted by Sandra, mmmquilts. Sandra is a great organiser. I blether, buy the Postcard, maybe even write the Postcard and then stick it behind the clock . Sandra talks the talk, and actually stamps and posts the Postcard. ~Why don't you check this out and jump in too?  Louise of Quilt Odyssey made a really cool button. Rather pleased that IT challenged me was able to add it to my margin first time. This takes you direct to Sandra's host page and all the prizes and news.

Wednesday is cut out day, the beginning of cut out fortnight. Even I should be able to cut out the fabric in two weeks! Because I am multi quilting, working on the Belfast Bulletin and the Postcards From Sweden at the same time (can't spell simul simul simultaeneously), I am following the colours used by Kelly , jeliquilts, in her original design. Kelly has kindly given me permission to use her photographs. So because I can, I am going to admire this lovely quilt again.

I also drew inspiration from Whitehead, in Co Antrim. My friend Liz and I went to Yarnfolk, a yarn festival last August. It was set in Whitehead and we had enjoyed a walk along the prom whilst we were there.

And then of course there were the Hotel Sacher boxes of sacher torte from our holiday in Vienna last year.

I received a parcel of fabric from Sandra a few days ago. She has been my fabric enabler. Sandra ordered up some kona solids from Missouri Star, cut them in two and posted them to me. It was fun to open up the parcel and see this great rainbow of colour on a cold wet and snowy day here.

And here is a little rainbow of colours that will be used in the quilt. There are more to come, Sandra and I did a little swap from stash too. Please Mr Royal Mail, could you hurry and give them to my lovely postman? I think there 36 different colours in the quilt, and 21 colours in this rainbow. There are a few more colours lurking in the cupboard.

I won't be racing ahead with this over the weekend. Whilst you are reading this, I will be in Dublin with my scrapbooking friends. Well, not Dublin, but the seaside outside Dublin. The seaside - must be made, snowing today and raining all weekend. Scrappers on Tour, sounds bad doesn't it? My husband will be home alone, eating everything but chicken (I LIKE chicken) and relishing not picking threads off his socks as he walks across the floor. I know he will miss me and my constant trail of threads, but I will be back soon for a chicken dinner.

Helen x


  1. I love all this eye candy. I'm waiting for my fabric as well. I'm like you , I blether (such a great word) so it's great to have Sandra to drag us along.

  2. Enjoy Dublin. I made Postcards last year, but I want to play along with you guys.

  3. It is going to be such a lovely riot of color. Enjoy your time by the sea outside Dublin!

  4. I am still laughing over the last couple of sentences of your post. Tu-Na Helper (my husband) can relate. I'm like the little cartoon character, Pig Pen (character in Peanuts comic strip by Charles Schulz), only Pig Pen has dust and dirt swirling around him and I have threads following me and on everything I wear. Tu-Na Helper resorts to picking them off of me and off of his socks and pants and says "who needs a dog or cat when Tu-Na's around!"

  5. Ah, the penny drops: saw you and your scrapper friends on IG, not scrapping but having a jolly good time beach-combing! Thanks for the shout-out and kind words. Secret: if I didn't work to deadlines, self-imposed or otherwise, I'd just blether along through life! How I wish I'd brought the bill for the postage with me here to FL so I could get on the phone and rattle the mail workers' cage in Kingsville, and see if they have any idea what can have happened to my's beyond ridiculous and is now heading to infuriating, and panic-mode...

  6. Oh, I love that photo of the houses in Whitehead! I wonder if you can drape your finished PFS from one of the balconies when it's finished? :)

    I've started my Swedalong quilt and I'll tell you that the cutting isn't too bad. Once you have all your fabrics picked out and labeled with numbers 1-36, it goes fast. The sewing of the HSTs, on the other hand...


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