Sunday, 4 February 2018

|New Year's Resolution? Did That Include Fabric?

I don't think I make/made New Year's Resolutions regarding stash. I do think I  promise myself I will deal my stash responsibly, so that's ok then. There has been a little stash enhancement this week.

I am making this new #coulterweddingquilt mark 2. I have dragged out every blue or green or bluish/greenish solid I have, but it is always fun to buy more. By complete coincidence, the colours chosen for #coulterweddingquilt mark 2 are the same as those of  #coulterweddingquilt , the original. There is some yardage left and other yardage  I bought last year in Purl Soho, but still not enough. It takes a lot of fabric to cut it all up and sew it all together again!!

Unfortunately, I snoozed and "loosed" the 10% off day in The Village Haberdashery, I thought it lasted the whole weekend. Never mind, I had a look at Simply Solids and found they had the "cool" kona bundle. As I said in my last post, it was sold out, but I had a lot of fun going through their listings and picking out my own cool colours, blue and green and shades in between. Hmmmm. In linking up this blog post, I see Simply Solids have all 340 colours in stock again.

I was so pleased when I opened the parcel that all the colours blended really well with the gradients of colour I already had. This quilt will be an ombre quilt, going through the spectrum of green/blue.

There was only one blue which came out too lilac, ironically called denim. Denim is blue, not lilac blue. This is in shade 2. See? All labelled and now in freezer bags. All organised.

 One of the shades turned out, I think, to be pretty much the same as the yardage I had lost the name of, but one out of ten wasn't bad.

I know I will say this again and again. Sarah Goer's ombre quilt which I am sort of making, uses 8 grades of shade. As I am going green into blue, 8 shades will not be enough. My 8 shades will be subdivided. I had lots of fun dividing these into the 8 groups. You know what? I think my spectrum is a sandwich short of a picnic, or maybe that's just me. I looked at The Village Haberdashery and picked out three more greens. I think there are a green or two in the fabric coming from Sandra, my fabric mule , friend, and definitely a couple of blues. Hopefully this will complete my two tone rainbow.

There has been a little rather a lot of yarn stash enhancement as well. After the frenzy of Christmas stocking crafting and the circle quilt I have enjoyed the break from quilting, and more yarning. I have started using up some yarn I have bought every single trip to Philadelphia, there is a great yarn shop there, I just was not sure what to do with it. I decided to knit the So Faded cardigan by Andrea Mowry, she who designed the #what the fade shawl. I had 6 cakes (?) of Koigu Painter's Premium Pallet in a purple/red colour way. stocks it, and I was able to buy some more in two, hopefully coordinating shades. The last colour may be a little strong on the aqua, but perhaps I won't need too much of this.

I  bought a skein of Strawberry Fields Forever from Ellie in Craft House Magic. Ellie dyes her wool in  a very small scale and names it after pop songs from the olden days. I mentioned  this would be a lovely Valentine knit and my bee buddy and yarn enabler Sue agreed. Ellie thought this was a great idea, and she is now hosting a Valentine's Day cast on and has designed a new heart motif sock. I am really looking forward to this, and it is good to be in on it from the concept. I also ordered one of Ellie's badges, this now gives me a collection of 2. Is that a collection? I will have to make a pouch to pin them on. Ellie also has some lovely stitch markers and progress markers. When I saw the bee progress keeper, I knew I just had to have it.

My last yarn purchase has yet to arrive. Sarah of Sherlock knits has come up with the bonkers (as she herself puts it), yet brilliant idea to use yarn as fund raiser for Marie Cure cancer research. She did phenomenally well last year in her fundraising. I don't use twitter but I have included a link to her twitter page HERE. Each month a different indie dyer dyes a yarn inspired by the flower of the month, and distributes it through Sarah. A generous donation from each sale goes to Marie Cure. There are also water colour prints to buy and related competitions to enter. I didn't partake in January, lovely as it was. January was snowdrop. February is hellebore from Down Sheepy Lane. I love hellebores, so did my parents. A skein of hellebore will hopefully do a happy mail dance in my hall.

So, that's all for the moment folks. I anticipate there will be more stash updates in the next week or two, but that's all for today. Tomorrow, I am fairly confident in getting some quilt photos taken and maybe blogged about the next day or two. Don't worry about holding your breath, it will still be here.

Helen x


  1. You're going to love the hellebore yarn...its beautiful!

  2. I really like all the shades of blue and green you have for the ombre quilt. I'm definitely excited to see that one come together for you!

  3. I am super excited to hear there is going to be a #coulterweddingquilt #2!!!! You know I loved following along with #1 :) Loving all the blues and greens. And "Sandra your fabric mule" made me giggle. She's the best fabric mule ever :)

  4. I LOLed at "fabric mule." Sandra is an enabler in the very best sort of way :)

    Your greens and blues are delicious!

  5. All those greens and blues are going to be great together. Can't wait to see you start to get it together.

  6. What a lovely fabric pull. A wedding is one of the best reasons for making a quilt (I say somewhat plaintively).

  7. Yaay, a fabulous post Helen.. the quilt will be lovely..I can't wait to see it develop. And thanks so much for the mention... I am sure we can find more things to get involved with too lol...just need to forget about housework, cooking and sleeping 😘 and concentrate on crafty goodness xx


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