Tuesday, 30 January 2018

New Beginnings, Postcard from Sweden and Another Wedding Quilt

 Back to the sexism again. Sir Harvey Goldsmith (a British businessman) once said, "when you marry the mistress, it creates a vacancy". This created an outrage when he said this, and also much smutty humour. Not popular with any of the various Mrs Goldsmith either I am sure. It is however, true of quilting. One project is finished, it makes room for another project. Are you not done with making quilts yet? My father once asked me that. No, there is always another quilt to make.

Now my #waywardtransparency is finished, I do have a vacancy. I have two quilts in the pipeline. Both quite similar yet different, and already evolving. The very popular Postcards From Sweden quilt, (free pattern download in Craftsy)by Kelly of  Jeli Quilts has been about for the last year or so. It is based on an Ikea postcard of Swedish summer houses, would you believe. Sandra of mmmquilts.com and I have discussed our love for this and really felt we both wanted to make this.

                  photo credit, Kelly of jeli quilts , used with permission and grateful thanks!
Sandra has great organisational skills, and from these conversations, hop, skip and jump to a quilt a long Sandra has organised, beginning February 14th. She will have link ups, and has a sponsored prize already, from Stitch Stash Diva.  This is just what I need to give me the impetus to finally make this lovely quilt. You should check out Sandra's blog and join in. I am. And so are, well, lots of others.

Originally, when we had our conversations, I was going to do a variation on the Postcards of Sweden. Last summer we were in Vienna, and were lucky enough to stay in the beautiful Sacher Hotel. The Sacher Hotel is famed for its Sacher Torte, a very rich chocolate cake. Every year a artist designs their special edition box, and 2017 was very like the Postcards From Sweden. I was going to make myself a Postcard from Vienna. That was the plan.

Now I have decided to keep things simple. I am going to make the Postcards of Sweden in its original format. I also prefer the stronger colours in the original.  I have pulled what fabrics I have, ~Sandra and I have swapped a few fat quarters, and Sandra, aka the great enabler has ordered some fabric between us. More about that as time goes on.

My second project is the same but different. My other son, as opposed to my "second" son, is getting married this spring. Cue another wedding quilt. They loved the Postcards of Sweden design but would like something a little calmer, less robust. My son likes blue, and restful. I had foreseen that and showed them the blue ombre quilt design. Sarah of sarahmgoerquilts had designed this for another quilter, Mary  of quiltingisinmyblood who I also "know". (Mary's blog name makes me smile, in my case my blood is in my quilts!). The couple really liked this but would like some green as well. This is where the different comes in. Luckily green does ombre into blue in the colour spectrum, so I will tweak and poke at Sarah's design. This is where the plan falls apart rather.

Sarah has great instructions, all colour coded and planned, using 8 different shades of blue. As I am going to "fade" two colours, I felt 8 shades were not enough to do this. I started off pulling all my blue/green kona. There about 9 shades but there are still few gaps.

Hurrah! A shopping opportunity. I went on Simply Solids. Not only do they stock Postcards From Sweden kits, all sold out, but they also had a Kona cool colour bundle which would be perfect for my Belfast Bulletin wedding quilt. (That's it named already). Unfortunately this was sold out also, but it set me in the right direction. I went through the website highlighting the appropriate colours. I must have been fairly on the ball, as a lot of the green and blues I picked were, not surprisingly sold out. In the end I just went along popping greens and blues into the basket, a FQ of each. There will be some blues amongst the fabric Sandra sends me too. Between it all, it will all work out. Winging it again. Seems to be what I do! Generally works out ok.

So, two quilts at the same time. If I get a fair wind behind me, I could have the Belfast Bulletin started before the Postcards. I am hoping this won't be confusing in the slightest. It may even make the procedure easier. Make one quilt, get one quilt free? MOGOF?

Next up is to take my #wayward transparency photos and link up before 7 February. You know what, I am going to link up my last post just to be linked up and in the running. Just in case. You never know, I might win that Caribbean Cruise and have to go in a hurry.

Helen x
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  1. sounds like you're going to be busy and I'm sure all this sprinkled with some knitting too!!

  2. Good luck with both quilts. I already made Postcards, but I've been wanting to make the ombre HST quilt.

  3. Such calming blues should be great in your next quilt!

  4. Thanks for additional information regarding your colour choices and how you are putting it together..(in theory) 😘 I am still 'thinking' but sometimes my brain cells let me down and I need to 'follow' a picture ...looking forward to #mogof lol xx

  5. The ombre quilt sI'm s with the blues and addition of greens will look great. I'm still undecided on the postcards.

  6. Well, I wasn't going to do Postcards From Sweden, but now I'm thinking maybe I'll join in. Only my stash, though, no purchases. Not that I can buy any fabric in the Bahamas anyway. I think your blue/green ombre will be lovely! Can't go wrong in my book with that color combo :)

  7. I'm thinking of making postcards but Oh trying to get all that fabric.

  8. Wait WHAT? Yvonne's offering to donate a Caribbean cruise to her WT QAL winner?! Ha ha - I get your humour, love the make room for another quilt. You know I prefer blues and greens to pinks and oranges, so I am looking forward to seeing how the BB one comes together...might be chasing yet another squirrel if I'm not careful! There are two extra blues coming your way; the wind must've been coming from the east that I got your parcel before you got mine! Such fun we are having. :-)

  9. LOL I did a double take about the cruise and had a laugh at Sandra's response, too. :) Both projects you are planning sound great to me (you know I'm a sucker for blues, too).


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