Sunday, 21 January 2018

It's Been A While

It has been a while since I have done a Sunday Stash post. Has it been a while since I bought any fabric? Possibly, possibly not. I refuse to answer as I may incriminate myself. I have actually bought very little fabric recently. I bought the some Christmas fabric, oh, way before Christmas, to make those Christmas stockings. And some white kona for the Liberty quilt. Those were quilting essentials.

I always hope for a little crafty stuff of some sort on Christmas morning, and my family never disappoint. This year the English son and wife, (and new grandson) bought me two charm packs. Both charm packs were spot on in their choice. They bought them on a weekend to Bath, I can't remember the name of the shop.

They are both Moda . First up is Moda Evergreen, designed by Basic Grey. Now, they wouldn't know this, but I love Basic Grey scapbooking papers, so this is perfect. I don't know what I will do, but I have the perfect backing. I bought some red and white scandi fabric last year in an online shop closing sale.

Second up is Figures, by Zen Chic. I have already had some of these fabrics in meterage and fat quarters and have used it all up pretty much. It is all mathematical symbols, circles, dots etc. Love it. I will enjoy these.

I have been treating myself to some yarn off and on. I had a bit of an accident with a knit pro circular needle last year, and Lynne, a fellow blogger and instagram peep very generously sent me some needle points and wires to try. It was so kind of her. I liked them very much, and in fact bought some more. I have been beavering away at knitting socks, I do love knitting socks. I also decided that 2018 was to be the year of the Sweater, and maybe even a sweater for me. This will be interesting! I had some Koigu Painter's Pallet I had bought a couple of years ago in Loop in Philadelphia. I no longer liked the intended pattern, I don't think I ever really liked the intended pattern. The wool got stuck away in a cupboard and nearly forgotten about. I couldn't really justify buying yet another sweater's worth of wool, so I decided to use this up. Guess what? There isn't enough for the So Faded sweater I thought I would knit. After a quick search to make sure I hadn't simply mislaid more yarn, I came to the conclusion I had only bought 300g . What use is 300g to a sweater my size? I very quickly discovered Love Knitting stocked, or at least could order in this yarn. As it took a week to arrive, I strongly suspect they ordered in what I ordered. I must admit I love Love Knitting. They are a really personal website, the online chat helpline is really helpful if there is a problem, and they are usually super speedy in delivery.

 It is difficult ordering contrasting yarns via a website. I suppose the beauty of a fade is they contrast fade or fade fade. My original yarn is a fairly deep purple with hints of red and lilac, and tiny bits of aqua. The first fade I ordered two skeins of, is a paler purple with a pink and violet coming through. These first two work brilliantly together.

 The last fade is more of a contrast. It is a definite acqua with hints of lilac and blue. I am not sure all well this last will work in. Maybe I will be able to finish without actually needing it, or perhaps just the last few rows rib. Que Sera, Que Sera. It will all wing out in the end.
So far there is not much to show you, but you can see the sweater will be good in the case of red wine spillage!

I have so much confidence this sweater is going to be a SUCCESS and I will be singing it from the rooftops that I am already planning my next big knit. One of the local indie dyers is slaving over a hot bowl of steam and dye as we speak. Hoping for collection next Sunday. Oh, there is that blog post sorted already!

Helen x
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  1. That yarn is gorgeous! I love aqua and purples together. Perfect for wine drinking :)

  2. Love the yarn, it will be a great faded sweater!
    Can't wait to see what you're having dyed up!!

  3. Oh how lucky you are to have children who will buy you something useful, I would love my kids to buy me fabric. They do buy me books though, I make sure there is always some on my Amazon wish list, only there isn't any I want just now, except for Cheryl and Paige modern Plus Quilts when it comes out soon that is. Nice wool, I once used a circular needle that was a long wire with little knitting needle ends for a baby dress in four ply but it is the only time I have ever used one, I'm not really a knitter. It is very portable though.

  4. Lucky lady.. your family know you so well and have bought you some gorgeous goodies.. my So Faded is one colour, but loving it๐Ÿ˜ can't wait to see your finish


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