Friday, 19 January 2018

Going Forward, Not Just Wayward

I am going forward, I am meeting my own imaginary targets. You know the way you think I will tackle that pile of ironing on Friday? Or we clear the loft on Wednesday? Some targets ... do, some targets don't ....  my Wayward Transparency is meeting all its expected targets. More or less.

As of this afternoon I have the basic quilting all done.

 My quilting is always very simple. I actually don't like quilting that has a flounce or flourish. I prefer variations on straight or wavy lines rather than feathers and flowers. Just me. Horses for Courses. Firstly I sewed a straightish line along the seams in the same off white thread I used for piecing. Next I changed the top thread to a mid pink. The original thread I had chosen was in reality too similar to the off white. I had a slightly deeper pale pink spool, but only half a spool. Hence only the top thread was changed.

 I set the needle of my Pfaff to  1/4" from the centre. The position I use for piecing. This time I stitched this 1/4" from the seam on the left around the square. Then I flipped the quilt around and stitched along the same road but in the opposite direction. The needle was still set at the 1/4" setting but was this time sewing at about 3/4" because of the change of direction swing. Yes, it wasn't intentional. I thought it would be 1/4" each side. Don't even try to understand what I am talking about. This seems to have worked out ok. The two central lines are quite close together.

 Except when it came to the last quartile. You know how it is good to mix it up? I forgot to reset my needle when I started the last quarter so the quilting lines are much more evenly spaced in this last quartile. It's a design feature, isn't it?

It has been very cold in my sewing room this week, and when I got to this stage today my hands were cold. The fire lit in the living room was calling my name. I am happy with where I have got to. Next up I will use a stronger pink thread to quilt occasional lines where there is an appropriate gap. Not all "roads" will rise up to meet this pink thread. ~A random effect is what I am looking for. I am really pleased with how this has taken shape.

I have just realised I have yet to show you the backing. I had thought the Tula Pink fabric with the circles would work really well. I had bought 1m of it locally last year. Of course, they had sold out when I returned. I did however have some other Tula for Free Spirit fat quarters and half yards. Some of this I bought and some Lucy of  Charm About You had previously sent me. I also for some reason had a whole load of hst left over. Don't even ask how that happened! I think I had already made some triangles then changed my mind about the pinks. Anyhow, waste not want not. I like an interesting backside   reverse side.

That will bring me on nicely to the binding. I found some pale pink gingham one day when I was clearing the loft . I do tidy it, it just never looks any better, does our loft. The gingham had that whole sugary pink, Doris Day thing I was trying to avoid. My pink is much more edgy! So, back to basics again. I have some bright fuschia spot. You know the stuff. I think there should be enough, if there isn't I will wing it. It usually works.

I have loved this quilt. Mind you, I have told you that before. I know exactly what I am going to do with it too. We have a corner of our garden which has decking, a seat and a wardrobe. It is actually an aricula theatre, but we refer to it as the wardrobe. When I am writing my blog there, I rather pompously refer to it as the writer's corner. There are usually pots of pink geraniums there too, in the summer anyway. This pink quilt will slot right in. The pink colours of Kona, which I haven't actually mentioned, are Azealea, Pink Carnation and Pomegranate. I think they will fit right in. Don't you?

Helen x
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  1. It's exciting to see your progress, Helen, and it sound like you have the perfect spot and plan for the quilt. :)

  2. I've loved this quilt from the word go. I'm with you on simple quilting lines. The backing is as lovely as the front. Looking forward to seeing summery photos of this quilt in the corner of your garden.

  3. I like the pieced backing, I think the stronger Pink thread will be a nice little pop.

  4. Interesting backside (snort) you're so bad; I love it. I love the mental image (maybe you will post a pic in future? of you writing in the Writer's Corner, pink geraniums around, pink WT beside you, oh edgy woman!

  5. I really like what you're doing with the quilting! The different colors of thread will add such a nice dimension. It's going to be perfect in the Writer's Corner :)

  6. It's coming along nicely. Well done.

  7. Brilliant... Love the quilt, the quilting and the description of where it will live when it is finished.. go girl.. love that backside too 😘 xx

  8. Your quilt is lovely. I like so much the colours. I have a Pfaff too and always struggle to set the needle to the position of 1/4. I am not sure if its position 1,8 or 2.0. May I ask you which position do you set?

  9. Helen, this will look marvelous in your garden writing corner. I do hope you will post a picture once it is living there so we can see. I love how this one is coming along. I think the different pops of pink threads are a perfect choice. And that pink dot fabric for the binding...LOVE IT!


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