Friday, 12 January 2018

FAL 2018 Qtr 1

I promise, I pinky promise, this will be the last "round up" blog post for a while, of for at least a quarter. It is nearly the deadline for the FAL 2018 1st qtr round up , I can procrastinate no more. So, here goes, all old favourites I am afraid, but then that's what the Finish A Long is all about. No new projects here. I will be linking up with Sandra of Studio Sew of Course
I am also going to link this post to my good friend Tish and her UFO link up
  1. The Quatrefoil Quilt 
   This quilt started life only last year as my beeabee2017 block. I have started to put them together and have a couple of blocks to "tweak". I want to have the windows with "views" at the front, and the windows with a more restful fabric on the back of the quilt.

 2. Economy Square Quilt

This quilt has been at this stage for a while, nearly a flimsy but not quite. It really wouldn't take much to finish this bright fun quilt.

3. Bubbles Quilt, now called the Circles Quilt

This quilt is pretty much finished and should have been in last year's finishes. But it isn't. Finished that is. I am unhappy with the quilting and have set it aside to complete.

4. Liberty EPP

When this quilt no longer appears in this list, it is time for me to get a new hobby. This is everlasting and that suits me, I like the repetition of it. I have started putting it together. Not happy with the placement of one block though.

And no knitting! Up to date with that, unbelievably.So that's my list for this quarter, all perfectly achievable. In an ideal world.

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  1. I always enjoy seeing your progress on your projects, but I'm really excited about this list, cause I've been crushing on these for a while. Maybe a break from Bubbles is good. Sometimes you need distance to fall in love again. And those black, red and white fabrics, just a classic sexy combo (can I say that??) have to be flirting with you :) Thank you for coming back and partying with me!

  2. Four lovely projects Helen. Thr economy quilt has to be my favourite, it’s the wonderful bright colours of course, they get me every time. I love your bubbly circles quilt but if you are not happy no one will convince you otherwise and you must follow your instincts. Lots of luck for lots of lovely finishes.

  3. All four are lovely. I like your bubbles quilt, put it aside until it starts playing nice.

  4. Oh how I love that quatrefoil! But I love all four, just that one the most. Never apologize for posts; it's your blog, and there are certain 'business' items we mustt attend to right?!

  5. Like Kate, I think the Economy Squares are my favorite for the bright cheerfulness. I hope it's still calling your name loudly enough for a finish! Every time I see the abbreviation FAL, my brain fills in the rest of the refrain from "Deck the Halls." :)

  6. So many nice quilts in progress. I agree with the comment about the Bubble quilt. Give it a time out until you're ready to deal with it. The quatrefoil is really going to be stunning!

  7. Well you have some great projects waiting for attention, so I shall look forward to lots of finishes! I like the Bubbles a lot - will a break help or are you contemplating unpicking? (!!!)

  8. It's okay that you have old projects. It's the way to get them finished. Good luck.

  9. Thank you so much for joining us in the Finish-A-Long, you have some gorgeous projects on your list!
    I hope the problem with the circles quilt is solvable, from here it looks lovely. I also like the quatrefoil and economy projects a lot, so I hope you will be making some progress at least.


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