Saturday, 18 November 2017

The Colour for this Week is Red

This week I have a nearly finish, a finished flimsy, and basted quilt. It was a case of quilt wrangling yesterday, it was quite windy yesterday as you can see by my hair! Quilting holding up is definitely for two people.

Last Friday when I blogged, (was it really as long ago as last Friday?) I was metaphorically at least pulling my hair out. I had decided to make my bubbles quilt bigger. It was a leetle too skimpy on a double bed. It is not really a bed quilt, but will be used as a bed quilt over the festive period. Rather than making a whole load more bubbles which is very time consuming, I decided to go with borders. These borders should have been convex and I made the corners convase, or the other way round. I should have listened better in geography, convex and convase, mountains and valleys. What has this to do with quilting? Well, when it is all to do with the degrees of mitre in the corners. Rather, which direction the 45 degree goes in? Or something like that. Anyhow, instead of a nice flat corner in the red corner, I made a lovely box corner. Couldn't have done that if I tried.

Lucky I had so much of the cheap and cheerful version of kona cotton. I was able to make another whole border without having to make a join. I still don't understand the degrees and the corners, but I managed it anyhow. How I am the daughter of an accountant and the mother of two scientists, I really don't know.

Of course, this all had a knock on effect. I had previously cut the wadding and backing to fit. Duh. Of course now the quilt was bigger, they were two small. Luckily with the error of margin always built in, it was only a leeetle too small. A bit of jiggery pokery and frankensteining and you will never see the join in either.

I had intended to take a photo of this quilt beside our Japanese Maple tree, which this time of year is the most beautiful shade of red. The problem was, it rained some days, it was dark and gloomy,  I was in London last weekend with my daughter, I forgot. By the time I got around to it, guess what? Hardly a leaf left on the tree! Trust me, last week, this tree was beautiful. There's a red red robin likes to be rock rock rockin' in that tree, and it is a sight to lift the eyes. Just pretend there are a few more leaves! I was literally saying I must take my photo and the leaves were falling in front of my eyes.

At least the lack of leaves shows my disco ball in full effect. My sister bought me this for my 40th birthday. It lived in our conservatory for the first few years, then after the house renovation it moved out to the garden. It is one of my favourite things. She has probably forgotten she even bought it. Isn't it a great contrast with the bubbles? And you can't see but I am wearing a spotty cardigan and spotty socks. Yesterday was a circle sort of day.

I have started quilting this quilt. Time is of the essence, I don't want to be running around in circles. Ta Da! Next time, I will hopefully have a nearly finish to show you.

Helen x
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  1. I love the 'a bit of jiggery pokery and frankensteining' you used and I'm sure no one will be the wiser.

  2. The border looks great. I love frankensteining. Cant' wait to see your quilting.

  3. The disco ball sounds like a really fun gift and I bet it really sparkles and glints when the sun his it just right outside. I'm glad it's all ready to go and that you've started quilting. Hooray!

  4. Oh the best laid plans, never mind, you got there in the end. You have spotty socks? Mine I have on have circular strips, just in case you are interested. I can’t see your spots but I zoomed right in and saw your hair, your eyes, and your basting pins, AND your lovely disco ball too. So, do you have many parties in the garden then?

  5. Funny how the smallest of gifts mean so much! You are close to finishing! Looks great!

  6. Congrats! on your newly completed quilt top. I'll be looking forward to seeing what you do with the quilting!!

  7. Frankensteining is a great word! :)
    Quilt looks wonderful!

  8. Nice save on the borders! In fact I think the fact that you needed to add the borders as worked out really well - looks like it was always planned that way.

  9. My socks have fish on them today, but they smell better than fish, thankfully. Love the disco ball! I love disco, too, because I came of age in the disco era. It's raining men, hallelujah! Too bad it rained all the leaves off your pretty tree, though.

    Your Bubbles is getting close to being a real quilt, hallelujah!

  10. Disco ball! Greaf idea. I live the modern affect you've achieved.

  11. Fabulous Helen! From the quilt design to your hair(!!), to the frankensteining, to your beautiful RED leaves on the patio, as well as a few left on the tree (kind of went like that here-"whoosh!they'regone") and then the disco ball! It will be wonderful seeing it on the bed very soon!


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