Sunday, 22 October 2017

Shoppiing is Good for Me, the Economy and Me

Some weeks we just feel like buying stuff, or maybe some weeks it is just all stuff comes together. If you enjoy shopping vicariously, then this is the blog post for you.

Last post I was heading off to the hairdressers and hoping to pick up a little fabric en route. Least said soonest mended about the hair. Never tell a colourist you fancy a change. Now dark blonde rather than light blonde and I hate it. It's not me. It is all to stop the grey, I would rather have the grey! Strange thing is most people, including my sons, haven't noticed ... or maybe they were just being polite.

Anyhow, I sort of got my fabric. I was looking for the skull candy fabric I knew the Paragon stocked and had been waiting to buy.  Daft of me to leave it too near Halloween. The small neat skull candys I wanted were sold out. The one I bought is ok, the skulls are bigger and generally more girly. I don't remember the other fabric having bows in the hair. Back to hair again.

I bought a couple of metres. I think it will make a good backing for my Bubbles quilt.

Next up I spotted some universe/planet fabric. This was a lucky find. It was on my list too, but a dearer version I had spotted elsewhere. I bought 1.5m of this.

This will hopefully make part of a pieced backing for my Quatrefoil Quilt, my Beeabee2017 quilt. I think I will call this "what do you see through the quatrefoil window today" quilt, as a nod to Playschool. How cool it would have been if the presenter Brian Cant had said "what do we see through the quatrefoil window?" rather than the square, round or arched window. This will be for my little grandson.

Next up is something for me. For meeeeee. The last while I have been spotting the Skye Wrap in instragram land. I love the flow of it and it looks incredibly comfortable. It also looks like something my limited dressmaking skills could manage. I ordered the instructions from and the lovely mustard wool blend from them also. And the coconut buttons ... I could look at them all day.

I didn't order  the lining fabric for my #skyewrap at the same time. I knew I was going to London last week and there would be the opportunity to buy some Liberty fabric. I had actually chosen the fabric on my last outing to Shaukat (home of cheaper Liberty fabric), but had waited until I ordered the mustard wool. This time, I went all around the shop and the fabric I chose was still the same as last time. Go with your instincts folks. A 1.5m cut soon went into my handbag. I think the security man searching the bags at the Chelsea v Roma match was mildly surprised to see the wad of fabric in my hand bag.

 This will go on the long finger for a while. My crafty daughter in law fancied this too, so we are going to collaborate and make one each.

And that was all my purchases. Except, I was still feeling a bit, well, meh. Just not feeling my usual perky self. I spotted Judith's red robin cushion kit in instagram, and knowing I would see her at Beeblessed2 on Saturday, well ....... I must admit the packaging is lovely. Never mind the contents! I love the box. I will be reusing that come Christmas. I love robins and my much loved Uncle Robin passed away this summer. I will look at my robin cushion and smile. Or I will when I make it. Looking at the contents, the floral fabric is sort of similar to my Liberty fabric .... I have a plan.

One last little thing that snuck through the door the other day was a skein of Frostbite from Stranded Dyeworks. I love the icy blue tones of this merino/nylon sock mix, I have already cast this on to be a pair of Christmas socks.  Amy Florence's yarn sells out very quickly. Her shop was updated whilst I was at the rugby, there was me in the ladies, trying to get peace to order my yarn online! My friend nearly came looking for me, she wondered what was taking me so long.

That is all my purchases for this week. This next week is coming and the unfortunately the only dedicated quilting store in Belfast is closing due to retirement. Everything is 40% off. I hear my name being called.

Helen. x
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  1. Your wrap is going to be gorgeous and I do love that planet fabric!
    Shame about the Quilters Quest, although to be very honest I always preferred Windmill Fabrics.

  2. I'm glad you found some fabric that was close to what you wanted. I am so bad about forgetting about holidays and going to get something only to realize it has sold out, too.

  3. The planet fabric will make a lovely backing for grandsons quilt.

  4. Buying fabric of any kind always perks me up! I love that Skye Wrap, your fabrics are beautiful for this. I hope you plan on sharing the process and finish with us!

  5. Nothing like a little retail therapy to chase the blues away! Looks like you replaced the blues with mustards, and skulls, and planets, oh and a little more icy blue. The Liberty will make a gorgeous lining for that wrap!

  6. I LOVE the fabric you found for the Quatrefoil Quilt. Even if you put a bow on the head of a sugar skull...they are still kick a$$ :)

  7. So many good things in one week. I am off to check out the wrap pattern - looks right up my street. On a side note, grey is trendy at the moment!


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