Saturday, 7 October 2017

Hound Dog Is Barking

The Hound Dog quilt is barking, it is moving along. It is barking I am so near a finish I can smell it. I have a very sensitive nose, that is partly why we are a pet free home.

I have worked very hard and finished all the grey quilting. Straight line quilting of course. I have quilted along a straight line right through the centre of the blocks on the diagonal. Actually the blocks are pieced looking diagonal. If I quilted diagonal, then would the quilting be straight up and down.

I am sorry it is me holding the quilt and husband taking the photo. It would make much more sense to be in the reverse, he is a good 10" taller than me. Maybe I am just a good wife and didn't want him covered in cotton and bamboo and fluff. Or rather, didn't want to listen to the complaints about the cotton and bamboo fluff. Speaking of which, this isn't my usual wadding. I used cotton and bamboo, and this is meant to be hypo allergenic. It is casting a lot though. It is like having a sheep in the house. I am hoping when it is all trimmed, bound and washed this isn't a problem. I know, I shouldn't pre-empt this!

Anyhow, I digress. I have quilted from corner to corner, spreading out. The first line of quilting is through the diagonal centre of the block. Then 5 lines of straightish quilting either side, the natural width of the foot apart. This uses the last line of stitching  as a guide for the next line. The thread is a variegated grey thread, a Gutterman cotton thread.

The outside part of each block is left quilting free. My negative space. I like negative space. It is quiet. I don't feel the need to fill every available space in either my quilting or my scrapbooking. Less is more. If only my cupboards followed that brief.

All I have left to do now is the purple diagonals. In my wisdom I actually thought, I can do it in the reverse for a change. Duh. It would look exactly the same no matter which corner I started at! I have the same Gutterman thread but in a purple variegate. I love using these Gutterman threads, they are not specific quilting threads, just standard cotton thread, but I love how they sew.

 And then my binding. I really want to bind this in spot, the same spot as I usually have. In my stash I have a nice black and white Rose and Hubble spot, surprise surprise. I do have a grey, but it is too much of an open weave I think for binding, and in any case, I don't have enough of it. Black it is.

My goal is to finish this for next Friday. We are off for a walk with friends to a forest park, which is next to a castle and a fort. As they so often are in Ireland. With all the grey granite stone I think I could get some good photos. And there will be some folk to hold up the quilt. Providing of course it doesn't rain.

Helen x
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  1. You go Helen. I'm rooting for you to get it done by Friday...and I hope it doesn't rain.

  2. This looks great, Helen! I think the black spot sounds like a great frame for a quilt. Enjoy the walk and I look forward to seeing a finish soon. :)

  3. It's a very nice quilt. Hope you are able to finish it for a great sounding photo shoot!

  4. Lovely quilting on this--quiet spots are good (also less strain on the hand, hand, fingers thumb!!lol) hugs, Julierose

  5. Love the straight line quilting! It's perfect for this design and keeps that strong diagonal visual going. There are definitely days when my husband doesn't want to hold up the quilts, too. How does the bamboo quilt up compared to your usual batting/wadding? I just tried wool for the first time and I really, really like it, except it smells like a wet sheep when you wash it...

  6. Looks lovely with the straight line quilting.

  7. I love the straight line quilting! This one is going to be finished before you know it!

  8. Thank goodness for the walking foot. I cannot FMQ to save my life. I am sure it will look lovely in the picturesque setting. Now you hurry up and I will pray for a dry day.


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