Thursday, 5 October 2017

Finish A Long Proposed Finishes, Q4 2017

My doesn't time fly by fast. We could mark the years by age of ourselves and our grey hair, our kids moving out and on and to new lives, our grandchild ..... or .......... just by the rapid onset of another Finish A Long.

To those who don't know, Finish A Long is a world wide link up to focus on all those unfinished wips (works in progress) that linger at the back of the cupboard, under the table, behind those unworn sweaters in the wardrobe. We all leave encouraging messages, aka lies, "you can do it", "that list is oh so achievable" etc etc. At the end of the quarter we link up the finishes and they all go into a lucky dip for some really good prizes, as yet unwon by myself. Some people go for the really long list of every possible wip they have. Me? I tried that and it was only another angst inducing hang up. I like to keep my list manageable. The wip I enjoy working on slowly, the wip I feel I need to finish for a deadline, and the wip I feel I should get on with. And here we go, again. Some friends here old and new.

1. The Houndstooth Quilt
 designed by and known to me as You Ain't Nothing But a Hound Dog Quilt. This is for my daughter, the colours tone in with a Terry Bradley (local artist) print she has. We are so near to a finish for this. It has been exactly  a year in the making and the weather is getting colder. This is a must. Previously blogged about here.

2. Bubbles Quilt
These were originally bee blocks, Bubblebee2 from last year. I ended up with 10 blocks made by others. I am currently making some more to finish with a largish lap quilt, smallish double bed quilt. I would like to finish this for Christmas. To keep my son and girlfriend warm when they come for Christmas. Previously blogged about here.

3. Quatrefoil Window Quilt
These are mostly blocks from Beeabee2017. I have made some more blocks and am in the process of sewing them together. It is a child's quilt. What can you see out the Quatrefoil window? I am hoping to finish this quickly. How quickly depends on the Bubbles Quilt above. Previously blogged about here.

4. Liberty EPP Hexie Quilt
This won't be finished, but I always include it anyway. It is my lucky talisman. Previously blogged about here.

5. Hedgehog Cushions
These are for my daughter for her living room. Started then stopped. Should be finished ok. Previously blogged about here. (terrible light, its a grey day and grey fabric)

6. #whatthefade
my #what the f****** shawl, my brioche knitting. Enough said. I WOULD like to finish this by the end of October so I can be smug and indeed snug and warm on a girls' weekend away. The knit a long has already finished and I am still on clue 2. (I think a lot of other people are too). Previously blogged about here.
7. Profile Scarf                                                                                                                                  
One last wip squeezed in on the last day, and updating this list. I forgot about my blue Studio wool from Loop Knits, my Profile Shawl , which is more of a scarf thing. According to the pattern, there is only one more repeat of lace and garter to go. But .... I am very generous on the front front if you know what I mean. When I bought the yarn, I was told it was a slightly thicker yarn I had chosen and so it would go into a second skein. I think it may have knitted up a bit smaller? Anyhow, it is smaller than I woud like, a bit smaller looking in the pattern photo. I think I will do a few more repeats. Pity this isn't finished for today. I am going out for afternoon tea with my scrapbooking friends and am wearing blue. Hopefully finish this in time for the Chelsea match I am going to in a few weeks. (for the unknowing, Chelsea play in blue. Blogged about here.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of all my wips. I'm keeping it real folks! There is also the small matter of Christmas approaching, the C word. I don't think about Christmas  this early, but I would like to make some more Christmas stockings for our increasing family. And, maybe, some pairs of jammy bottoms. Just maybe.

Hoping your list if you have one, is just as achievable as mine (?)

Helen x
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  1. I look forward to seeing your progress on these, Helen. You can do it! :)

  2. As I good friend should, I promise I will do my part in hounding you toward a finish with the You Ain't Nothing But A Hound Dog Quilt :) You are so close on these to top finishes, I have complete faith you will whittle this list down to nothing!

  3. Good luck with your list. I see finishes in your future.

  4. You can totally complete a few of these before that "C" word sneaks up! LOL A bunch of beautiful projects here. Thanks for linking up on behalf of the 2017 global finish-a-long hosts.

  5. You Can Do It! This list is oh so achievable1 Feel the encouragement? But seriously, you have an awesome list of projects and I can't wait to see them done - especially that hound dog.

  6. These are Oh! So! Achievable! You can do it! No problems here! There, have I lied enough for you? :)

    In all seriousness, I hope you feel good about whatever you work on. It's a hobby and supposed to be fun, right? When you feel discouraged, go fabric or yarn shopping. That's always inspiring. And remember, only take photos of the perfect stitching/points/fussy cuts. It's a big quilt/shawl/wall hanging and surely you can find a 3" square bit that shows absolute perfection!

  7. An awesome list Helen. I'll be rooting along!

  8. Good luck with these - you've got some great project on the go.

  9. Lovely list and I am so looking forward to some of them finished. Enjoy all the stitches on your lovely sofa when it gets cold outside


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