Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Tuesday is the New Sunday

This post should have been done and dusted on Sunday, in time for Sunday stash. Here we go now, here is my Sunday Stash on display in the garden with the Houndstooth flimsy.

 There were a few administrative problems I am afraid. You see, the joke is that our house is tidy but the cupboards, or my cupboards are bursting at the seams. Open the door and everything falls out. Open the door and ram something else in, rather like on the Japanese subway. But, I know pretty much where everything is, given a few minutes notice to get the brain on gear. It takes that few minutes to focus in and remember when I last saw the thing.

With the decorators in, yes, they are still here, things are more rammed into cupboards than normal.

Backtrack slightly. I bought, ordered and received 4 yards of Alison Glass Blueberry Park fabric. I could see it was onto the red spectrum of purple but thought it should be ok to back the houndstooth flimsy, which is ready and waiting.

 As soon as I opened the parcel I could see it wasn't right. Lovely fabric, but not right.

Fast track slightly and I bought, ordered and received 4 metres of Art Gallery Buck Forest Hello Bear  fabric in silver grey. As soon as I opened this parcel, I could see this was perfect. (I should have written this as an analogy of Goldilocks and the three bears). This was from a new company to me,  Billow Fabrics.

So, Sunday, and time for Sunday stash. I couldn't find the original backing fabric, then I couldn't find the quilt flimsy. Eventually, having searched high and low, I took the photos. By then I was so wheezy and my eyes were so sore, the paint, the dust, the cupboards, I didn't bother posting.  So Tuesday is the new Sunday. Luckily Molli's Sunday Stash linkup is still ongoing, so that's ok then.

This is on my FAL list for the end of  September. I doubt that this will be quilted by then. I have to get out to buy  the wadding (no point in having extra clutter whilst the painter is here), baste and quilt. Some folk may do this in a day or two, me, it takes rather longer.

I didn't mention it, but the colourway of the Alison Glass fabric is "burgundy". The clue was in the description I suppose. I couldn't resist a photo just to compare to the real thing.

In the meantime I have been doing a little knitting.  Brioche knitting no less. Brioche knitting is interesting. This is code for flippin' difficult. The project is called "What the Fade ", this is code for something different too.  I will save this excitement up for another day.

Oh, I almost forgot, whilst ordering the knitting needle for the Brioche, its  brass and 80 cm, a little fabric popped into the virtual  basket in The Village Haberdashery.

 It is unavoidable. When you are paying the postage anyway .... This is another fabric from the Alice In Wonderland range I bought there in person. It just sets off the range I think.

Helen x
linking up with Molli Sparkles and Sunday Stash, although it is Tuesday.


  1. I'm sure you will find a great use for the Burgundy (I think it's actually a Karen Lewis not Alison Glass print). The Art Gallery backing is really perfect. Have you thought about the binding yet?

  2. That Allison Glass fabric pairs beautifully with that glass of wine :) I'll take both please. I do love the deer head fabric for the backing of the Houndstooth quilt.

  3. The burgundy is really lovely and the dots are to die for.

  4. I really like the "burgundy" fabric...I'm sure you will find another special project for it. I have never done brioche knitting and after reading what you say I'm not sure I want to tackle it.

  5. The deer head fabric looks like a perfect choice. Nothing wrong with the burgundy, it just needs a flimsy to go with it.

  6. Brioche and Burgundy - sounds like a party I want to go to 😊

  7. I love the photo of the fabric with wine! Perhaps you could make a lovely blouse from that color and then not ever have to worry about spilling :)

  8. Looking forward to seeing this pretty quilt opened up!


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