Friday, 29 September 2017

Quatrefoil foil blocks

I have started to think about my quatrefoil window blocks from Beeabee2017. This is only a small bee and I have enjoyed it very much, I "knew" most of the girls beforehand, everybody has been very friendly and very generous. So, I am anxious to finish this up so the girls can see it completed.

The last of my blocks arrived last week. I haven't posted them as I wanted to wait.  The blocks are perfect.

One has a centre of red hearts, and the other has hippos peeking in the windows. For my daughter in law, hippos run a very close second to her love of camels. Anneliese, mail from the cheeky monkey, very kindly also sent me two bibs she made for my new grandson.

 My daughter in law will be delighted. These are lovely bibs which front fasten with a cam snap. Anneliese tells me they are made from left over or reycyled fabrics, so that will go down well too. She also optimistically sent me a baby knitting magazine in german. Er, help! You can see why I waited to post, I wanted these to be a surprise for Mrs C.

Today I started to blocks together. I asked for some baby blocks, but not all baby blocks. The idea is this is to be a restful quilt with little bits of interest. I didn't want to make a stimulating up all night quilt full of goings on. This is more of a snuggle down and have a wee sleep quilt.

I trimmed the blocks down to 12". I am going to go with three across and four down. That will give about 34" by 45". I think that should be ok.

 Every row will have one picture block at least. The reverse of the quilt will have a vertical column of blocks as well. Here's a picture of 3 blocks auditioning for the back.

They have all been queuing up to audition. And if there are any left, I might make a cushion or a bag to put the quilt in. I haven't yet decided.

He whom I share this house with, sometimes thinks we have quilts. Or that is the impression he gives me. Sez he today, and who is THIS for? Doesn't he know we have a whole new little person to make quilts for?

Helen x


  1. 34 x 45 will make a great size. I look forward to seeing it come together and I'll be curious if there are blocks left over for other projects.

  2. I wasn't until I clicked in to take a close look but I see the center square is also repeated in the outer triangles. The triangles all play so well together! Going to be a great quilt! I don't have experience with and I've often wondered about those cam snaps, they have such fun colors to go with each project.

  3. This is going to be great quilt. I agree with Yvonne 34 x 45 will be a good size.

  4. How fun to see all the blocks together. They blend so nicely and so have so many interesting fabrics. This will be lovely for the baby! I hope you'll be able to share photos of the finished quilt wrapped around the recipient :)

  5. The blocks are looking great together. That will be a good size. Happy sewing.

  6. Can't wait to see this one all together! It will make such a lovely baby quilt. How did he miss the memo that a baby requires lots and lots of quilts?? It's called spoiling the's the most important job you will have.

  7. Love this block! Very nice blue and a bit of orange. Very nice teamwork!

  8. Love this block! Very nice blue and a bit of orange. Very nice teamwork!


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