Thursday, 7 September 2017

Bubble Bubble

The two things in life we can be certain of are taxes and death. Or so said Benjamin Franklin.
 Jane Austen may have said about the certainty of rich men with a fortune being in need of a wife.
These things in life are indeed certain and so is the certainty of the quilter or knitter possessing works in progress (WIP). Where there is a crafter, there are undoubtedly WIPs. And like distant relatives they come around every now and again.

My project that comes around with regular regularity is ........... (not the EPP hexies, though I could see Jane Austen sewing these) my bubble bee quilt. I was talking about this on  Saturday and thought it was time to get it out again.

I have 10 blocks done altogether. Well ........ it is a bee quilt. I personally have not done these blocks. They have been done for me, and I have reciprocated for others with the same number of blocks. A lot of people dropped out of this bee, but we ended up mostly with 10 blocks each at the end.

It is time this was finished. I may have mentioned we are hoping for a homecoming of the younger generations this Christmas. Quilts will be needed. This could be a finish oh so easily. A few more blocks, even up the sizes and back with sugar skulls.

Which brings me neatly back to Jane Austen. Sugar skulls and Jane Austen, not words commonly seen in the same sentence. One of the things I loved most about my dad was he was open to new ideas. (Well, sometimes. He was an elderly man.) Like myself he was a voracious reader. He mostly read biographies, crime novels and the classics. He particularly liked Jane Austen and had reread all of  her books. Next up he read Pemberley, a rewrite of Pride and Prejudice by PD James. In this rewrite Elizabeth and Darcy were married and became detectives. He puzzled over how anybody, even PD James could rewrite a book somebody had already written. We had a few discussions about this. One day I came across a copy of Pride and Prejudice and the Zombies. I took it down to him. It was of course tongue in cheek, I never expected him to read it. And dear reader, my octogenarian father did read it and actually enjoyed it.

Perhaps this will be my Jane Austen quilt. I like to reread a Jane Austen book over the Christmas holidays. I can snuggle up under the sugar skulls and dream about Darcy.

Helen x


  1. Curling up with a good read under this quilt might be just enough motivation needed to get it done.

  2. Having such a cozy goal in mind (curling up under the quilt to read a good book) certainly sounds like a winning way to be motivated to work on it. :)

  3. I love the colours Helen....definitely needs finished for Christmas, its good to have a goal....says she who has a million things to finish! ;)
    I have to say......I just don't 'get' Jane Austin...there I said it (sorry)!!

  4. Thanks for the giggle this morning! I'm enjoying picturing your elderly Dad reading about zombies :) This quilt will be so goth with sugar skills and all the black fabrics. I love that!

  5. Yaay. Your Dad sounds like he was a real character, just like his daughter 😀 beautiful quilt blocks, what's the pattern? I've not seen this one...xx

  6. You dad sounds lovely! As for the quilt, 10 blocks is nearly a finish, surely. If you are backing it with skulls it will be perfect for your Christmas reading.

  7. Fraid...I've missed a lot of your blog posts and they make such good must finish that quilt. looks so good already

  8. Although dreaming about Mr. Darcy does not require a quilt it sure makes the whole idea oh so tantalizing. Love the blocks - circular log cabins, I presume. Wish I could see a close-up. Your dad must be a great conversationalist.


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