Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Time To Get Off The Laurels

After sitting on my laurels over the weekend, I decided today to revisit an old friend. I had nearly forgotten about the Houndstooth quilt designed by Just Jude, featured in Love Patchwork and Quilting magazine,  that I began earlier in the year. This is for my daughter, she is on a roll these days, craft wise, from mother.

I thought I had nearly all the individual blocks done. Duh. Was I wrong. We had decided to substitute the red for purple, and to use two different shades of purple. We decided on Mulberry as we love the handbags so much, and Magenta as it sounded pretty cool. I just hadn't done the blocks yet.

 Now I remembered. My blade is a little blunt and I was waiting until I got a new one. I haven't got that yet.
Today and yesterday I made the 14 assorted purple blocks. We wanted there to be a subtle difference between the two purples, hoping its not too subtle.

I also made half a dozen charcoal blocks. They look very striking against the white kona.

All set to go on the piecing, but I seemed to have too many Shades of Grey.  Not as many as 40 but I had the feeling something wasn't right. There's a reason people write things down. We had decided to go with Steel for the centre diagonal thinking Charcoal was a little strong. We were looking for a very subtle grey palette.

Next I started to sew the blocks together.
 Strip 1 was done.

Strip 2 was done.

Strip 3 was done.

It was time to play spot the difference. Again. ... I am trying very hard not to, and to get the greys in the right order. It seemed then that the purple in row 3 was pointing the wrong direction. Nope. It was right, the purples in rows 1 and row 2 were wrong. When I checked the magazine photo, the purples are converse to the greys.

Well, its a start.

 This will be set aside. Again. I have something more pressing to work on, secret sewing, but I am showing willing here.
Helen x
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  1. I really think that the swap to purple is a lovely choice, and I bet when you get a moment of time it won't take long to get those two blocks oriented correctly. Progress is progress!

  2. You are roughly a 1/3 the way done, I think that's pretty impressive. Love the purple with the gray.

  3. I like the purple it gives a lovely pop of colour.

  4. What a neat quilt this will be! A bit of unstitching along the way is a small price to pay, right? I wouldn't want you to get TOO comfortable, sitting on your laurels.

    And now I shall call my backside "my laurels" forever.

  5. I like the pattern but know that if it were me, however careful I was, those red/purple blocks would never all be facing the right way! I have more faith in your ability to end up with the right thing.


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