Monday, 17 July 2017

Four Candles

Probably just those from the UK and Ireland, but remember the Two Ronnies? And the 4 candles skit? Ronnie Barker goes into the hardware shop, looking like a culchie and asks for 4 candles. The shop owner, Ronnie Corbett brings out every time of candle imaginable. Eventually Ronnie Barker says its Fork Handles, Handles for Forks he wants. Priceless.

4 hats. Hats for 4 girls.

4 balls of wool that turned into 4 hats.
Actually 5 balls of wool. I changed my mind about the colour of one hat.

My daughter shared a flat with 3 other girls for most of her university life. All lovely girls. These girls now have a bond which will always be there. It may come and go over the years, but it will always be there. Every now and again they meet up. This year they were meeting in Dublin for the weekend. I, mama C, for that is what they call me, thought I would knit them a hat each.

Hats in July. Just what they need. Four Hats.

I ordered bright colours in acrylic aran, Paint Box aran from Love I ordered acrylic, because lets face it, these girls aren't going to be hand washing and drying flat. Acrylic hat, stick it in your pocket, stick it in the washing machine. And if it gets lost, it gets lost.

I ordered orange, teal blue, bright blue and purple for Ms N, my daughter, Ms P and Ms H. After I while I remembered that Ms H loves green. I made the girls small lap quilts when they were at university. They sent me flowers addressed to mama C and the name stuck. Ms H loved green I remember. So, Ms H was going to get a ball left over from my daughter's hoodie cardigan, knitted earlier.

The hats are a simple rib, knitted on circular needle. I have knitted it before, in purple when my daughter was working in England. It is one of those patterns that has been passed betwixt and between, photocopied so much nobody knows where it originated. Well, it came from a friend in work and was passed around between us for all our daughters. It was perfect for knitting in the garden, whilst drinking coffee and listening to knitting podcasts or the radio.

When the hats were finished, I thought it would be fun to colour coordinate them with some sweets or chocolate in the same colour wrapper. I made each girl a little card from mama C. I can't draw for toffee, but I can doodle. I think its because you have to think about drawing, doodling, is well, doodling.

They were all wrapped in tissue paper, and tied with their respective wool and delivered.

Ms H was unwell and unable to make the trip. Ms N wasn't expecting a hat, and had her hair all braided up, no room for a hat. Fair enough, it is July! But here are Ms P and my daughter. Looking wonderful I might say in their hats in Dublin.

Helen x


  1. what a great idea!!!
    Goodness how much does your daughter look like her mum!!

  2. I love that you made one for each roommate! <3

  3. I love the care that you put into these gifts, I am sure the ladies appreciated the kindness that went into them. So cute and gorgeous and the hats are not bad either lol....I love your story telling too HelenšŸ˜€ hugs xx

  4. Well done, Mama C! Who wouldn't want to receive a hand knitted hat with a chocolate and a card? :)

  5. Lovely hats! They are so lucky to yave you! I can't remember how many times my hubby told us about fork handles!


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