Sunday, 18 June 2017

Who Do I Blame For ....Sunday Stash?

Who do you blame for ....? is the title of a satirical local tv program, and very funny it is too. It hits the nail right on the head.

Who do I blame for 2 blog posts in the one day? Do I blame Cindy of Fluffy Sheep Quilting for having a closing down sale of her online shop? Or do I blame Yvonne of Quilting Jet Girl for hosting Molli Sparkles Sunday Stash? Or do I just take ownership of my own misdoings and they say in talk shows?

I wasn't buying any more fabric. We even agreed in a perfectly amicable marital conversation, that I probably had enough fabric. But .... my good friend Liz says her granny used to say, it wasn't you bought that you regretted but what you didn't buy. Mrs Brown was a very wise old lady. She knew what she was talking about.

I'll blame Mrs Brown.

I would have loved to have bought a lot more, but caution prevailed just after our big holiday. I did buy some more bright pink kona, a half metre. I am a pink lady at heart, or I am during the summer months. We all know what kona looks like, haven't bothered with a photo!

I also bought a skinny bolt. That's what is left on the bolt that is unsold. My daughter in law would love this Christmas folk art fabric. See, its a family essential.

Cindy was one of the first to encourage me in this obsession of mine. Late one Saturday night, before the obsession set in, I was flicking about the internet. As you do. I saw a blog post for the MQI, an online modern quilters group for those living in Ireland. They say you shouldn't use a keyboard late at night after a few vinos. I signed up. Next thing I knew I was in an online bee, with Cindy telling me I would love it and just to BREATHE. And BREATHE I did. Thank you Cindy and good luck with your future endeavours.

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  1. I am far enough away that I can take a little blame. ;) There definitely seem to be colors for the seasons, and I will try to think of summer and you with pink. I look forward to seeing what you make with the skinny bolt, but no pressure or hurry from me!

  2. What.... I thought you weren't joining in any more 'things' this year missus 😀 I saw this and thought about it but too scared to join in... I need a 'push' sometimes... Sure you will enjoy it..xx

  3. The acquisition bug got you, I've been bit myself. That skinny bolt is going to make something spectacular.

  4. I don't care who you blame...that is a beautiful cut of fabric. Agreed that you needed it :)

  5. I always use the excuse that it is a wholesome hobby, this quilting. Nothing illegal, immoral, or fattening in fabric. When in doubt, blame it on the Bossa Nova :)

  6. Last year I vowed not to buy any fabric and it lasted a whole 2 days. This year I didn't bother and I'm doing much better. I've only bought to finish projects already in progress. I don't think I could have passed up that short bolt either.

  7. You have, as my mother is wont to say, only yourself to blame, but fabric is a better addiction than many of the other available options, so I say ignore my mother. :-)


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