Saturday, 13 May 2017

I Can Join A Link Up, An Honest Link Up

Woo Hoo! I have a finished flimsy. I have finished making and piecing all the blocks for my Freefallqal linkup.  I can link up with a clear conscience, as of 7.15 pm last night all 20 leaf blocks were completed, and all 25 blocks were sewn together. No ironing has been done but a target has been met.

My dougiesshirts quilt very nearly reached crisis point. I nearly ran out of green background shirt fabric. The blue leaf background shirt fabric lasted so well, the other shirts could nearly be wearable with a stretch of imagination. Think sleeveless, tie waisted for a small woman.

The green shirt, well, it looked there weren't that many green squares really. Leave the hard three corner blocks to the end I thought. Duh. As my mum used to say, do the hardest homework first and get it out of the way, then coast home. And our mums were always right.

 Of course the green shirt is short sleeved, hence less fabric.  We sailed very close to the wind here. This is the sum total of remaining green fabric, two button bands and a collar and assorted snips! What didn't help was I was busy the green days, and instead of constructive width of shirt strips, I just hacked bits off and trimmed accordingly.

But we made it. One of the bottom green blocks, you can see how close it came to having to piece a bit in, but we made it.

And rather ironically, I have one block left! A green one. This will go creatively into the back or maybe into a scrappy quilt for myself.

Helen x
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  1. Yay! A finish - and what a wonderful finished flimsy it is! It will hold lots of remembrances and will be cherished. I wished I would have thought to do something like this with my dad's shirts. Just an aside, I discovered that the last comments I made to your blog were through Bloglovin & they didn't record.

  2. I am just so in love with this Helen. I keep saying it but it brings tears to my eyes and I so so wish I'd done something similar with my Dad's shirts. How absolutely wonderful. Thank you SO VERY MUCH for quilting along with my pattern to make this special special quilt. NOW for the quilting!! Maybe organic wavy lines? Or write special words here and there like his name yours special meaningful phrases or places?!!

  3. Oh well done, you did it, a wonderful finished flimsy. It looks great, you're on a roll girl!

  4. Well done for getting to finish in times for the link up! And for eking out the green scraps. Your top looks splendid.

  5. Your quilt (flimsy) is lovely and I sure it going to be memorable for you. Good to know you had enough green fabric, I did the same with some of my fabrics also on Free Fall. Nothing like sewing on the edge.

  6. Congratulations on finishing your beautiful quilt ,which I know your sister will love. Ours is done as well but I'm saving it for the final link up. We finished it at a sew in at our guild and everyone was oohing and ahing over it.

  7. Well done Helen... A beautiful way to use some of your Dad's shirts xxx

  8. Well done! I am so glad you had enough of the green shirt after all. It looks wonderful!


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