Sunday, 2 April 2017

Link Up Overload

Can we ever have too much of a good thing? Too much sugar certainly, too much gin probably, its not called mother's ruin for nothing. Too much internet connection overload? Not in this blog. Today I am multi tasking link ups and blog writing.

Firstly Sandra's two (not one but two) link ups. Sandra has a quilt a long which is very quickly gathering momentum. It is a smaller lap version Freefall of her Windfall quilt from last year. Now - initially when I saw this in process last year although I loved it, I wasn't sure whether to participate having finally finished my modern maples 20 year quilt last year. It wasn't that I don't like Sandra, I do very much, not that I didn't want to join in the fun, I did. It was just, you know, I had had 20 years of making maple leaves, not sure if I wanted to make anymore.

Then my circumstances changed. I thought it would be kind of cool to make a small quilt for my sister and myself out of some of dad's old shirts. Dad, having passed away so recently, I thought it would be a nice memory and use it up, use it out which he would approve of. (he would also say, have you nothing better to do with your time, but we will neatly bypass that). He would also be pleased I wasn't buying and stock piling more fabric, being an accountant he worried about tying up my assets. "Its a lot easier to spend it than earn it" was often heard at home. I haven't cut any of the shirts up yet, I need to get one more from home and then just lift the scissors and go for it. All the little bits that are left, I will sew improv style, ever so slightly influenced by Kaja of Sewslowly who has made some beautiful quilts from old shirts.

So, it was happenstance that Sandra's quilt a long came along at this time. Perfect. Dad loved walks through forest parks. He had season admission tickets for forest parks all through our formative years. Sunday afternoons were spent trekking along forest paths, hoping for an ice cream at the end. This will be perfect for my sister for her caravan, and she was really pleased when I asked her.

This leads us very nicely into my second link up. Sandra's DrEAMi  Moment. That moment when this squirrel thing gets you and you have to join in. Yes, its that damn squirrel again.  No more appropriate DrEAMI Moment than my sitting up in bed and going "yes! I know what to do now with dad's shirts".

Now, just in case you think this is a Sandra love fest, I am moving along here.
 One of my other great quilty friends, is Yvonne. Yvonne has previously designed and made a Lucent Quilt in various sizes. I always loved the bold strong design of this quilt, as I do all of Yvonne's designs. Last week she sewed it as Baby Carter Lucent  quilt with elephant fabric. I knew instantly I wanted to make this but with camels for a little one. Two metres of the camel fabric promptly arrived this week from Cotton Patch, ordered and delivered the next day! Fantastic service. Yvonne's pattern is on sale in her online store, and like all of Yvonne's patterns is a joy. Clear precise cutting and sewing instructions.

The camel fabric comes as part of the Indian Spice Market fabric collection from InPrint Fabrics but I am not keen on the coordinating fabrics. I am sure they are historically and culturally appropriate, but I would prefer something a little more vibrant and modern. The dad of this little one loves medieval and ancient history so would probably be more than happy with the designated fabrics. But ... hey, I am the piper here and the piper calls the tune!

This comes neatly to my last link up of the day, Molli Sparkles Sunday Stash, linking up dad's shirts and my camels.

Helen x
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  1. I think the quilt out of your dad's shirts will be priceless. I wish I was quilting when my dad died, I might have done something similar. I love the camel fabric and I think it will be perfect in Yvonne's pattern.

  2. What a really lovely idea to make quilts with your dads shirts!

  3. Ah, I get to see the camels, they are lovely and are sure to make a great Lucent quilt. I'm excited to see the quilt made from your Dad's shirts as well. It's a great idea.

  4. The quilt with your Dad's shirts will be one I can't wait to see.

  5. Sandra's QAL sounds perfect and perfectly timed. I am glad to know we will be sewing along together! And I a. Very eager to see those camels evolve into a quilt. :)

  6. I've become very fond of the Dad's shirts quilts I'm seeing in blogland, so I'm sure I will love your Freefall quilt from Sandra's pattern. I'm following along vicariously with her QAL. So far, anyway. :) I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with the camel fabric, too. I like the spice market fabrics, but after looking at Yvonne's pattern, I can see why you would want something a little different from the fabric line.

  7. That's lovely Helen. You are going to be busy again!

  8. What a great way to preserve the memory of your dad! It will be an amazing quilt for sure!

  9. A Sandra love fest, that made me giggle :) I think using your dad's shirts is a great idea for the Freefall quilt. Just curious, will you use a stabilizer with them? I have a bag full of my dad's shirts I have saved that I want to do something with, but have been scared to chop them up.


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