Friday, 28 April 2017

Falling Leaves In Springtime

Back to my Freefall qal . Time for another linky party and I'm getting there.

I'm caught up in some leaves, behind in others, and unbelievably slightly ahead in others.

This is where I am to date, one whole row done and a couple of odd leaves.

And this is what the finished quilt should be like, photo courtesy of Sandra, musings of a menopausal melon.

At first I had only two shirts, the dark small check, the red and white stripe and the blue woven background. So, I was happily making away. I had made 4 red blocks,

 2 check blocks

and the sections were ready for 2 more checks.

Fast forward to my sister and I sorting dad's clothes, and I brought up some more shirts for variety. You see, when I told my sister to give me a couple of shirts plus a background, she took me at my word. I then made another block with a paler larger check.

When I laid them all out, I saw the OOOPS in this photo, now corrected.

At this stage, I thought I had better devise a plan, a working action. To this stage, the plan had been there was no plan. I know Sandra has a line plan for free on Craftsy, courtesy of Tish. That involved getting up from the sofa and turning on the computer to print. So here is my plan of Sandra's plan. Think of it as an underground revolutionary group plan if you like, a sketch on a cigarette packet, like a world war 2 espionage group. When I looked at this, I could see I had 3 checks with the blue background too many! Always a good idea to check the plan.

I decided the best way was to complete 1 entire row and work upwards and downwards from there.

And there you have it. My progress to date. Slightly out of kilter with the others who are making by rote, but it will end up the same in the end.

I am really enjoying the flow of making these blocks. Once I got into the rhythm of them they come together very easily. Some of the blocks intersect each other, like a puzzle of interconnecting squares and rectangles. My dad, Dougie, would enjoy that. Cryptic crosswords and geometry/maths puzzles were his thing. I particularly like the half floating leaf background and half real background leaf. It will all become clear in time. The real background was originally going to be white, then sister mentioned how much she loved this pale green shirt. Of course it is woven too! More stretchy stretchy.

It is a bank holiday weekend here this weekend. Now we have finished work, every weekend is a bank holiday weekend, but there is still something of a treat about them. A chance to do fun things, like work in the garden or sew, or read, or scrapbook, or simply lie and do nothing at all.

Have a happy weekend.
Helen x


  1. Forgot to post the plan .... maybe it's a secret

  2. I like that background, and to have those shirt pieces, this is going to be very special. Love the red block so much.

  3. Looking good! I have to admit I rather liked your mistake.

  4. The shirt blocks all look great.

  5. I love seeing your progress and I think before I make the final blocks I will need to make my "plan" to get everything where I want it.

  6. I'm glad you said that about Bank Holiday weekends; I feel the same! We call them long weekends here in Canada, but it still seems a bit of a treat, do what you want kind of weekend despite not working (full-time) anymore. Love love love what you are doing with your dad's shirts, and that you are doing this pattern. The green is perfect. A word of caution since you are constructing it as you go: don't have more than 2 of the leaf points pointing towards each other or there will be too many pesky seams to deal with creating a lump. Voice of experience. First quilt, Windfall, never had a problem and planned for it; second quilt, Freefall, for some reason did not even register until too late. Thanks for linking up!

  7. I like that you're making your FreeFall from upcycled shirts! Can't wait to see it finished!


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