Thursday, 13 April 2017

Beeabee 2017

I mentioned in my last post I may inadvertently have joined a bee. I know. My name

is Helen and I am a beeaholic. I am also a fabriholic and a scrapaholic. And maybe a ginaholic as well.

Sue who I got to know last year in instagram approached me and asked if I would join a bee. Well, flattery and a personal invitation will get you anywhere and the woman from Belfast, she say yes. I was chuffed to be asked, but maybe they had asked everybody else and I was the last. I already know Anneliese from previous Modern Quilters Ireland Bee and Gina from instagram and I share a love of aqualegias and radio 4 extra and the others I look forward to getting to know.

Anneliese was queen bee the first month and requested stars for a starry night quilt. I made her a selection.

 Firstly I made her this orange one,

Then I made a few simple friendship stars.

I snuck in a top from a beer bottle, weird I know. It had a bumble bee on it, and I knew Anneliese would appreciate it. I also included a couple of cocktail glass markers I thought she could use as stitch markers in her sock knitting.

Anneliese's anchor background fabric is to be kona charcoal. I didn't have any at the time,  I do now. It is my intention to make another improv block for Anneliese and send it on.

Katrina's block for March is the pineapple block. I have never sewn this. Although it doesn't look particularly difficult it does need precision sewing and cutting. As I am a bit all over the place still, I haven't started this. No point in setting myself up for disappointment! I will hopefully give it a go over the Easter break and send it on then.

Helen x


  1. A personal invitation is always harder to say no to. :)

  2. You were the first and only person in my list to ask....😀 Lovely Sandra @mmmquilts would have been another but she is milllles away....Your blocks look gorgeous Helen. The pineapple blocks are lovely to make, sure you will enjoy them. I am getting myself geared up to do the paper pieced ones for April. Have a lovely Easter break... Xx

  3. How does one say no to a personal invite? Happy Easter!

  4. Well, of course you have to say yes :) I'm glad you said yes, because you have created some wonderful star additions for Anneliese. The pineapple block has always scared me a little bit. Making Log Cabin blocks drives me nuts, that one might make me pull my hair out.


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