Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Houndstooth Quilt

Dear Daughter,
This is me, your mother writing to you. I haven't actually forgotten about your quilt for your bed. You remember it, the grey one to match your bedroom curtains. The one that looks like teeth. Has two purple diagonals in it. Well, it doesn't look it will be finished for Easter, or this Easter at any rate. Love you anyway, and bought you a big Cadbury's Easter egg to compensate.
Love you ,
mum xx

If the art of letter writing was not yet dead, I would be writing a letter like that. I started this oh, in February. Shouldn't take long. Finished by Easter. Then life happens. I got it all out this morning to have another look at it. Luckily I had been methodical and labelled all the different sections in separate Ikea bags. Just as well as all those 50 shades of grey all look the same. Oh, sorry, that is another thing altogether.

So .......... I have some of the greys, Shale and Silver made up into their blocks. The silver kona has a lovely pale shimmer from it.

Shale is very nice too, shale coloured.

Most of the rest of greys are all ready in their half block state, just need the 2x2 sewn to become complete blocks. Some of the greys still need to be sewn to their matching white blocks in 2s.

I have yet to make any of the purple blocks. I was very bold and used my blade to cut photos for scrapbooking. Suppose I need to get a new blade. I have  been near the shop a couple of times, but keep forgetting.

And there we have it. You didn't really expect me to finish a quilt for a self imposed deadline? Did you?

Helen x


  1. Oh well at least she gets an egg! ;)

  2. Of course not Helen. I never meet my self imposed deadlines either!


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