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Every year I always think I will do ~"loads of charity stuff"~ and of course with the best will in the world I don't. Real life tends to intervene, plus I take on too much "stuff" every year. A good cause though I do try to support is Bee Blessed, a local quilting group that makes to give quilty hugs to those in need.

It is strange, it was as if Bee Blessed 2 found me. I may have told this story before, in which case I apologise.

I used to sew. I stopped sewing. End of story.
I made four small lap quilts for my daughter and her flatmates before they all finished university.
I stopped sewing. End of story.
Fast forward an older lady I knew, came into my work (a library) and asked me what she could do with her fabric off cuts, she was clearing out.
I told her I didn't know. End of story.
Sheila came back and asked me again. I still didn't know.
Sheila came back again, brandishing a piece of paper. She had found a quilting group that met in church on the far side of the city. Couldn't I just deliver this for her.
It was easier just to do it.
Another even older lady, Dolores came into the library, on her zimmer frame, looking for the "girl" who would take the surplus patchwork and quilting to fabric to the group. And no, she couldn't possibly deliver it herself, sure I knew where the church was.
Next thing, I am at Dolores' house, collecting and delivering fabric.
And then my friend's mother died. You guessed it.
She had bags of fabric and a  couple of unfinished quilts looking to be rehomed.

By this stage I had got to know Judith and Sarah in Bee Blessed rather well it seemed. I made some blocks, basted and quilted a couple of baby quilts and sewed down some binding.

~This I have continued to do, latterly for Lorraine and Ros, in Bee Blessed 2 who I have never met, but seem lovely. I have always intended to actually sew with them, but "my Saturdays" never seem to coincide with their Saturdays.

So, here are my January blocks for Bee Blessed, I forgot to post,

And here are my February blocks for Bee Blessed.

If you would like to make some blocks for the girls, check out their blog posts, they seem a lovely bunch.

Those of my friends who are more in contact with "the Big Man" than myself, have a stronger faith than myself, always nod knowingly when I tell them this story. God it seems works in mysterious ways. All I know is I enjoy making these blocks, and they are for an excellent cause.

Helen x
for Bee Blessed 2


  1. Your post made me smile, then laugh; laugh then smile. Thanks so much for your support, your blocks, your humour and the wee pointer to our group. The Big Man sure does work in mysterious ways. One Saturday afternoon our paths will pass 😀 Lorraine and Ros x

  2. I personally don't have a lot of religious connection myself, but I do tend to feel that the universe does work in wonderful ways to prepare you to step through a door when it opens. I'm so glad you continue to make these blocks for such a good cause.

  3. Seems you're destined to sew Helen..whether you like it or not! ;)

  4. It was your destiny to be a quilter. Every block you make for the Bee Blessed makes someone in the end very happy.

  5. Great story......enjoy reading your posts...survivor972002@midco.net

  6. Great story - some things are just meant to be. :-)

  7. Love the story. Every little helps -- your four blocks mean they are four blocks further ahead than before. God does work in mysterious ways. I need to step up my charity donating this year.

  8. Enjoyed reading your story. You've inspired me to sew a few blocks for Bee Blessed....I must look up their website.


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