Sunday, 8 January 2017

Sunday Stash, The First of 2017

The first link up of 2017 with Molli Sparkles Sunday Stash and for me "stash out" is of more interest this week, so for the first week in the New Year, I will roll head over heels, or for those of you who are a little more earthy, arse over tit and start with "stash out" first.

Two Christmases ago the divine Mrs C, then Ms C, found her way to my heart with her fantastic present to me. She enrolled me in the Japanese Swatch Club with the Eternal Maker in Chichester, England. She had me at that. Every month I received two boards with generally 6 fabric swatches from their Japanese collection. These swatches were 5" square and made up of a variety of fabrics and styles. Some echino fabric, some kokka, some laminate or voile. This was such a treat, I was sorry when the year ended and knew I wanted to use these squares as a collection but wasn't sure how.

This weekend, I had one of those Eureka moments. Katy from The Littlest Thistle asked who wanted to join her in a #supersizedeconomyblockalong on instagram. This is my moment, the perfect vehicle for all, or most of these swatches. Katy is using a 6 1/2" centre block, mine is obviously 5" so are nearly but not quite supersized, finishing up at about 11".

I have decided to make this all from stash. That's the feel good, virtuous New Year part. I'm going with a spot, I do have a lot of spot fabrics, for the inner triangles. If not a spot, then a square or a squiggle. The spot will hopefully pick up on one of the lesser colours in the swatch. The outer triangles will be a solid, all forming multi coloured squares where they join up.

Well, that's all I will tell you for now. I don't want to give away my stories in one swoop. However, you may be right in noticing the orange and purple blocks are slightly smaller. They were the first to be made.

Now "stash in". Oops I peaked too early. I was saving up my Cotton & Steel fabric box from Craftsy for today, but I blogged about it this week, spoiling my first link up with Molli Sparkles Sunday Stash link up. Well, life's tough, I'll just blog it again, without apology.

Christmas seems to be a theme this week.

My stateside son, with only a little prompting, ordered me the second (and my second) Cotton & Steel fq box. I had told him it was a great bargain, true (I hope he got it in the Craftsy sale, I didn't ask), I told him I would love it, true, I told him it was ever so neatly packaged, true, and lastly I told him it wouldn't take up much room in his case, well sort of true. He did say it was heavier than he thought, but, hey, he's a travelling light kind of guy. And 10 metres of fabric can't be that heavy.

The other fabric in over the Christmas period was this Moda Scrap Bag, from my other son and daughter in law, also mentioned last week. I suspect my daughter in law may have had more input into this than my son. I have heard of these scrap bags, and really it does what it says on the tin. It is a bag, and in the bag are scraps. The scraps are width of fabric and most of them contain a selvedge. I have a plan for this, but it will remain a plan for a little longer. It will incorporate these lovely selvedges, I do know that.

So, that's it for now. It's good to get back to blog reading and writing after the holiday break and retrospectives. See you again soon.

Helen x
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  1. Were you happy with the fabric box from Craftsy? I've heard mixed reviews of their boxed fabric deals :)

  2. What lovely gifts! I'm drooling over that box! Your blocks look great and are the perfect way to use those scraps :)

  3. I love your Japanese swatch economy blocks and can't wait to see what you do with them.

  4. Your blocks are looking great and will make a lovely quilt when put together.

  5. Ok, I am going to save you the spider scare, because you are my friend and therefore I love you :) Starting from the left side of the box count in 5 and 12 and those are the spider culprits! I know those FQ's anywhere! I've often wondered about those scrap bags, but have never been brave enough to order one.


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