Saturday, 28 January 2017

DrEAMi! Moments

What is a DrEAMi! Moment? I must admit I had no idea. I was told it is when you get a squirrel moment. I must admit I still had no idea. I just knew that if Sandra and Tish were promoting this, I would like it.

Apparently a squirrel moment is when you come across something totally unexpected, and think I must do that, I want that. To Quote, "Snagged By A Squirrel Kind of Mayhem", like when the dog decides he's chasing that squirrel.


Isn't Sandra's button really cool? I can't link up the button, so my link is through the word (duh), hope that's ok Sandra ... You can also check up the link ups through instagram  #dreamimoment

By total coincidence I read about this one day and was still tying to understand the squirrel metaphor when I came across Katy's #supersizeeconomyblockalong and I had my DrEAMi! moment. I saw her blocks and all of a sudden I knew I had to do this, and I had exactly the right fabrics waiting to do it with.

Two years ago, Christmas 2014, my daughter in law, then son's girlfriend got me the most amazing present. I knew it was the most amazing spot on  personal present when I described it in work and got "the Look". You know "the Look". The Look that says, she got you a year's subscription for fabric? So they send you lots of little bits of fabric over the year? And you're pleased with that? And you don't know what this fabric is?  That Look.

Meantime these 144 pieces of fabric mounted up in a drawer. I was never sure what I would I do with them, but I knew I would do something, and it would be as a collection. A couple of weeks ago I had THAT moment and I posted on my Sunday Stash that I was going to use them. That was my DrEAMi Moment, and the first link up was the end of January, link here

The Japanese fabric swatches are mostly child centred/ adult whimsical. They all have that Japanese cuteness that is in vogue, some are kokka and some aren't. They are 5" squares, charm squares and I decided to go with a bold spot to make up to make up the inner square to roughly 7 /15". Well, they aren't all spotty, and I do have loads of spots, but some are related to spots.

The outer squares bring them up to about 11 1/5" or so. For these I am using solids, mostly bold solids, pale where appropriate.

So far I have 11 completed blocks and four nearly completed. That's ok.

This is a slow sewing project. My leader and ender project, I love that phrase. I had planned two major projects for this year. This sort of snuck in when I wasn't looking. I suppose that's exactly what a squirrel project is. Instead of my squirrel rushing through life, my squirrel is rather statesmanlike, the elder forefather in squirrel land. That's ok, the rush was in the concept not the execution of this plan.

I know my squirrel will amuse me. I may even amuse my squirrel.
No squirrels were harmed in the writing of this blogpost, elderly or otherwise.

Helen x
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  1. I love your elder forefather squirrel that is bright and bold in squirrel-land! I also love your description of The Look at the fabric subscription gift--I may have got the same! Look and Gift! :-) Thanks so much for linking up to this celebration of our diversions!

  2. It sounds like you have definitely figured out what a squirrel moment is indeed. :) Economy blocks are delightful and fun ways to feature great fabrics. I look forward to see where this one leads you over time.

  3. Clever daughter in law buying you such a lovely gift. It's a lovely leader and ender project, and for a slow project it's coming along at a rate of knots!

  4. It's a great squirrel project Hellen and the colours are so bright and fun.

  5. I can see you definitely got a squirrel moment. Have fun and be on the look out for more squirrels.

  6. Elder statesman squirrel. Snicker. I like that a lot! Bless your daughter-in-law for feeding your fabric habit. Those people at work don't know what they're missing. Have fun with that project!

  7. What a great gift. Lovely prints. Good luck with making more blocks.

  8. Oh this has made me laugh! I had no idea what a squirrel moments was either. What a great use for those fabrics - and I would agree what an amazing present!

  9. It must be our age lol..... To be so distracted by so many beautiful challenges... I blame the internet 😉 great post xx

  10. A leader and ender squirrel. Keep talking like that and only quilters will have a clue what you're on about. Great project though. :-)

  11. I think you have found your inner squirrel chaser :) This is such a fun project for those special prints and is going to look amazing. I'll warn you...once you've been bit by a squirrel, it's usually only a matter of time before the next one strikes...bwahahahaha

  12. I love the Economy block.... And yours are so pretty! Love the bright fun fabrics you have chose. Glad to hear there were no squirrels harmed. You know I have a thing for those rodents!


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