Thursday, 1 December 2016

I Have To Get My Shimmy On

There has been very little sewing done here, in actual fact I haven't been home this week, but  at my dad's house. No, there hasn't been a marital fall out, but rather my dad has finally got home from hospital after 16 long weeks. I have come down to "keep an eye" on him, but in reality I have been enjoying watching my favourite trashy tv when he sleeps, and loads of sport when he is awake. I have been doing a little more knitting too.

I had made rather good progress on my snowflake shimmer though, so I will bring you up to date on this.

I borrowed the idea of straight lines in the dark blue, parallel to the side of the mid blue. These lines form an arch and cross hatch at the top. I really like how this shapes up. The top left was quilted using the YSL thread left from the #behemoth. The top right is a different shade of the same quilting thread, more of a teal variation this time. I am happy with the variation in thread colour here.

Next to quilt were the lighter blue squares, part of the actual snowflake. I remembered I had some aurifil quilting thread in a lovely light blue variation. It is the aurifil really intended for a heavy machine or hand quilting. Rules are meant to be broken.

Again I have used straight line quilting here too. I have nearly completed the top two snowflakes, one going up and down, the next left to right. I love the random thicker effect of this thread, but admittedly the thread thickness is pushing the Pfaff to its limits.  After a few thread snaps I knew it was time to call it a day.

Now I see how it is coming together, I think I will also quilt the smaller blue runs. I had planned only to quilt the full length parallel lines and leave the "in-betweens". I have decided now to follow those quilting lines through too.

The white blocks? I started off thinking swirls, but I am tending towards diamond shapes.

And of course, after I finish this top half, I have to do the same again at the bottom half too!

The plan had been to finish it up for tomorrow. Well, clearly that isn't going to happen. We have friends coming from England to stay, and its nice to show off after all. Last week got a bit busy, dad was getting home, dad wasn't getting home. It was a bit of an emotional rollercoaster and the sewing rightly took a back seat. This week I have been staying with him so no sewing.  I'll maybe get some done next week.

I would like to have it finished for Christmas.

Lisa of Sunlight in Winter Quilts were both trying to finish together for Christmas. Well, Lisa, I have missed my first deadline. But definitely Christmas. How about you Lisa?

Helen x
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  1. I'm glad your dad is well enough to be back home, and you are so right that quilting rightly took a back seat for some time. It is so fun to see the progression, and I think the heavier weight thread in the medium blue looks great. Taking a break sounds wise to avoid frustration, though. Did you change out to a larger needle when you went to larger thread?

  2. It must be such a relief to have your dad home! It's got to make him pretty happy too! I love the color combination of your quilt, and the quilting is coming along beautifully! Have fun watching those 'trashy' shows...I'm not sure what you mean by trashy...but I've been known to watch some pretty strange things too!

  3. Just enjoy your time with your Dad, and relax while he sleeps. The quilt is coming along well and looking great, but you have your priorities right. Have a great weekend with your friends, relax and enjoy.

  4. Glad to hear your dad is out of hospital. Your quilting is coming along great.

  5. So glad your dad is home from hospital...hope he continues to improve. Loving the blues in your quilt!

  6. I hope your dad is doing well now. As for the quilting, you've got loads of time still and all that's in the way of meeting you goal is the preparation for Christmas - should be a piece of cake.

  7. It's coming along great Helen! I love the lines and where they criss-cross, so cool! For the diamond shapes what about some simple dot to dot with your walking foot? In a diamond shape of course! That'd be terrific. Glad your dad is home, not good on the rollercoaster, but glad you are THERE; it's so hard being far away when a parent is ill.


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