Friday, 4 November 2016

The Behemoth - Ready To Cross The Irish Sea

Away long ago in the lands of myths and legends, in the land of saints and scholars, there lived a creature called #thebehemoth. This creature was a legend in his own lunchtime. He, for he was definitely a "he" in this land of he, she, it and gender non specific, had started off as a spark in his sewer's imagination, and had grown to a whopping monster with a life of his own. Now his maker had done all that she could, or all that she could be bothered to do, and he was ready to head off on his own adventure.

Ready to head off across the ocean, or rather the Irish Sea. Ready to head off to what we in N'Orn Ireland call "The Mainland". Ready to head off to the south coast of England, to begin his new life on the bed of the newly weds. Hopefully to have a long life and be much loved and wanted by generations of English families.

Stop. That's all getting a little ridiculous.

Basically I have finished my quilt for son and daughter in law. I have been at this quilt for 10 months, longer than my son was in my womb when I think about it! Again I digress.

Back in December last year I ordered up a load of plain kona fabric from Fluffy Sheep Quilting in all shades of blue, with the thoughts of making a quilt of half square triangles as a wedding present. When Miss C looked at the fabrics, she seemed more drawn towards the blue with a greenish tone. Now, we are a blue family, think Chelsea football club blue, but we can incorporate new ideas. So cue more fabrics from Fluffy Sheep Quilting and The Village Haberdashery.

After ten months sewing this is what we ended up with.
ta da!

We went along the coast to try and get some dramatic photos but it was rather windy. I have some great photos of my husband quilt wrangling in the wind, but he is rather shy and likes his privacy apparently.

 Anyhow, here's some more photos taken at Portrush on our Atlantic coast. Next stop America! Well, after you stop for a cup of tea in Donegal further along the coast.


My book friend, @lizwinifred called today, with some more books for me. She's tall and makes an excellent quilt holder. Unfortunately it was raining so we couldn't go into the garden, but she did a great job in holding up the quilt with my husband.

Luckily Liz is not so shy, and is happy to appear in my photo!

Just to test run it, I laid it out on our bed, and see ~ it fits!

I hope my son and daughter, ~ Dr P and Mrs C enjoy their wedding quilt which just coincides with their first home purchase. I could go all schmaltzy about made with love and long life and love, but that's not my style.

 I hope it keeps them warm and cosy. That will do.

Helen x
linking up with Thank Goodness It's Finished Friday, (TGIFF) which is hosted this week by Busy Hands Quilts and also Molli Sparkles Sunday Stash - used up loads of my stash!
ps for those who like detail, the quilt is exactly 80" square.
pps apologies for the long post, but its been a long time comin'


  1. Congratulations Helen! I'm so excited that you finished the behemoth. It looks great!

  2. it looks great Helen.......unlike the weather on the north coast by the look of things!!

  3. Way to go!! It's beautiful. The pieced back is great.

  4. Less painful than giving birth I hope ;) Beautiful

  5. It looks perfect on your bed and I hope the newlyweds get so much use and love from it!

  6. Longer than pregnancy, shorter than labour though! Congratulations on reaching the end and on the fabulous quilt you have made. What a shame your husband is shy -I'd love some quilt wrangling photos. :-)

  7. Delightfully written post! This quilt is absolutely stunning! Just look at all the work! They will be so pleased! No, they will be over the moon! Well done! XO

  8. Your behemoth is beautiful! I hope they love it and use it.

  9. The colors are beautiful! I can see how it would/could take 10 months...all those blocks! I'm sure it will be loved for years and years to come!!

  10. Loved reading this and great photos! The behemoth looks so at home on your bed, are you sure he wants to cross the Irish Sea?! I think his name is Finn McQuilt xx

  11. Wow! I'm sure you're glad its finished though.

  12. Wow! I'm sure you're glad its finished though.

  13. Congrats on the finish! It's so beautiful with all the shades of green and blue. My favorite photo is the one on the picnic table with the green grass in the background.

  14. Congrats on the official finish, Helen!!!!! I was quite enjoying the beginning of this post :) I will always think of this quilt as a great legend and have enjoyed watching its story unfold beginning to end.

  15. Wow what a beautiful post. Lovely pics, gorgeous scenery and an amazing quilt. I am sure the newly weds will love it so much... hugs from the Mainland 😀 xxx

  16. Hello Helen!
    Well done on the finish, it's beautiful. I'm in the middle of a king size quilt for our huge bed (100x104 inches) and am going to steal your name and call it the behemoth too!!
    I found you last week via someone else's blog. I've been following quite a lot of quilting blogs for a while but it is nice to find ones based in the UK! Having found yours I so enjoyed the first few posts that I've been back to the beginning and read them all. Sorry if that sounds a bit weird - but I do that occasionally when I find a blog I really enjoy reading. As a retired librarian I have to admit that I read very few books these days - but feel I make up for it reading blogs and tutorials on-line!
    I'm a lifelong knitter and have started quilting again in the last year, although I didn't 'quilt' before - I made a few patchwork tops and, like you, I 'bagged out' the early ones. Tried quilting in 2009 and made a complete hash of a top that I had been quite pleased with! Gave up soon after! Then in November 2015 I started again - probably also like you, prompted by the number of people I was following on-line. I don't blog and I don't IG, but I joined a quilt group at my lqs here in the North East of England and have enjoyed the company and the expertise of the teacher, although I actually think I've learnt more from on-line stuff.
    So - thank you for a really enjoyable couple of days of reading , and the perfect excuse for a break in sewing endless equilateral triangles together!
    Looking forward to reading more !
    All the best

  17. It's a lovely quilt, and congratulations on a major finish! I'm over here giggling about you calling teeny weeny Britain "the mainland." (I'm sorry, I have no idea what to properly call the rightmost England/Scotland/Wales-containing islet. I assume it's Britain and the addition of Northern Island is what makes it Great. ;) )

  18. Helen, congratulations on finishing this absolutely gorgeous quilt, so very inspiring!!! x

  19. Beautiful finish! I love all of the different arrangements with the HST and I am such a fun of all of the blues and greens.

  20. I so laughed at your descriptive writing Helen. Behemoth looks great, love the colours, it's a wonderful wedding quilt

  21. Ahh, I just LOVE LOVE this quilt! There's so much to look at, and I love how you put all the various blocks together so uniquely, such creativity you have!! Love seeing it along the coast, and not seeing your shy husband (ha, he's like mine) holding it up. It's just gorgeous, and the back is so much fun too! Love the way you started this post: it's so true, that these quilts, especially ones that take FOREVER to finish, usually take on a life of their own, don't they?

  22. Dear Helen, this is such a lovely story and the quilt is just amazing!!!! Stunning- I am out of words! This is a wonderful wedding present and will hug them every day! I am so proud of you that you have done it all by yourself especially quilting a quilt that size! Now of to a baby quilt????

    1. Oh, and you are blue???? Seriously??? don't let Ulster hear that :D :D :D

  23. You've done a lovely job! And what beautiful scenery!


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